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Mobile Voice over WiFi Tested at Over 80 MPH

February 23, 2005

roamadAccording to New Zealand based RoamAD, they have successfully tested the first high speed mobile,WiFi, voice, and data network on Interstate 19 in the United States.

The company demonstrated live to users the ability to make multiparty voice over internet protocol (VoIP) conference calls, while travelling at over 80 mph down the highway.

The network is being constructed by Wi-VOD Corporation, through a grant fron the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, utilizing RoamAD’s mesh technology, and is scalable for metropolitan areas and WiFi networks.

As given by the fact that grant is from the Department of Homeland Security, the initial intent of this literal high-speed network is meant for emergency services, and law enforcement agencies; however it will eventually be rolled out for community agencies, schools, businesses and the public at large.

The demonstration area covered a little less than five miles, and will be expanded to 32 miles by the end of this year, and continue to grow from there.  According to RoamAD the network is, and will be composed of nodes space at 1.2 miles apart and of course interconnected wirelessly.

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