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CallWave Uses Pac-West to Accelerate Deployment of VoIP Mobile Call Apps

January 11, 2005


callwaveCallWave has selected Pac-West’s PSTN On Ramp to expand local coverage for its VoIP-based Mobile Call Screening and Mobile Call Transfer services for cellphones, to expand coverage to over 99% of California.

CallWave, Inc (NASDAQ:CALL) has contracted with Pac-West Telecomm, Inc, to provide two-way connectivity between CallWave and the PSTN through Pac-West’s SuperPOP network, to enable CallWave to extend its ability to offer its two new mobile call applications.

Pac-west Telecomm‘s new PSTN On Ramp includes call origination and termination, local access numbers, two-way connectivity, and multi-rate center, multi-LATA coverage per SuperPOP. These facilites allow CallWave to rapidly deliver its VoIP applications to the mass market without having to build a regionally distributed infrastructure.

Pac-West was founded in 1981, and is currently one of the largest competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) headquartered in California, with a network averaging over 120 million minutes of voice and data traffic per day, and carrying an estimated 20% of the dial-up Internet traffic in California. It also has operations in Nevada, Washington, Arizona, and Oregon.

Ecuity and Ottawa Wireless to Offer Metro Wi-Fi VoIP

December 13, 2004


ecuityOttawa Wireless will private label Ecuity’s V-Tone VoIP service for Metro-Wide Wi-Fi VoIP calling in Rio Rancho, NM, and Grand Haven, MI.

Ecuity, Inc (OTCBB: ECUI.OB) announced an agreement with the Azulstar subsidiary of Ottawa Wireless in which Ecuity will be the exclusive private label mobile VoIP service provider to Azulstar’s WiFi wireless broadband customers, both business and residential.

Initial deployments will include Rio Rancho, New Mexico and Grand Haven, Michigan, where city-wide WiFi deployments are already in place. Azulstar expects to launch the Rio Rancho Wi-Fi based VoIP services at the beginning of 2005, and Grand Haven, where Azulstar already has over 1,000 business and residential customers, will be offered Ecuity’s VoIP services later in the year.

Rio Rancho, NM, often referred to as the Silicon Mesa, will be the nation’s largest and most advanced city- wide Wi-Fi network.

Users in both cities will be able to make and receive calls via laptop, portable PC or handheld PC from anywhere in the two cities, and businesses will be able to use Ecuity’s V-Tone Office for business class IP PBX over a wireless network.

Ecuity is a facilities-based carrier which has operated as a traditional telephone company for 17 years, with offices in offices in Bellevue and Seattle, Washington. It claims to be the first such carrier to offer complete business-class VoIP and VoWiFi both nationwide and internationally with quality equal to or better than traditional phone service.