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PCTEL Roaming Client Retains Phone Number from GSM to VoWiFi

February 3, 2005


pctelThe new client permits users to initiate and receive calls using a single number on cellular and IP networks.

PCTEL, Inc (NASDAQ:PCTI) announced today completion of development of its VoIP-Enabled Roaming Client (Roaming Client-VE).

The Roaming Client-VE, when deployed with a compatible server, for users with the latest converged devices (e.g., a 3G/WiFi Smart Phone), will allow consumers to initiate a VoIP call from a Wi-Fi HotSpot and then maintain that call while roaming onto a cellular network.

The initial release will roam in standby mode. Features include connection management, profile management, Wi-Fi HotSpot authentication and 802.1x / WPA security, on wireless networks.

Additionally, the Roaming Client-VE includes a Voice Dialer that operates on both cellular and IP networks. It uses SIM-EAP for authentication. Using a single user interface, a user can share contacts, call histories, and other common phone features.

PCTEL developed its Roaming Client-VE in cooperation with a leading Mobile VoIP infrastructure vendor. The commercial relationship will be announced at the 3GSM World Congress, scheduled for February 14-17 in Cannes, France.

SIPquest Contributes to MapInfo E911 VoIP, VoWiFi Solution

December 22, 2004


SIPquest is a partner with MapInfo in the VoIP E911 solution, extensible to VoWiFi, just submitted for review by NENA.

SIPquest, Inc is a co-developer, along with Geocomm and others, of a next generation IP-based E911 solution by MapInfo which has just passed initial review by NENA, the National Emergency Number Association.

The IP-based solution will allow newer technologies, such as wireless and instant messaging, to function effectively and enhance emergency response services.

An important component of this is SIPquest’s breakthrough VoWiFi Fast Handover handset-based software technology to accomplish VoWiFi roaming handoffs in multivendor WiFi Access Point environments with less than 10 milliseconds handover latency.

This is important because current handover latency without the SIPquest solution is in the range of 400 to 600 milliseconds, which is not acceptable for voice service. A 10 millisecond handover time opens the door to widespread VoWiFi roaming acceptance, as well as to the migration of applications such as unified messaging and presence directly to WiFi handsets.

SIPquest’s Fast Handover software comprises latency-reducing algorithms that work independently of the manufacturer of APs used. SIPquest is currently working on WiFi to Cellular roaming, the next logical step.

SIPquest’s participation in the MapInfo solution ensures that future E911 development will incorporate the advances enabled by SIPquest’s technology.SOPQuest

Cirilium Develops VoWiFi-over-Satellite with Honeywell for Business Jets

December 22, 2004


Cirilium’s VoWiFi solution will interface with Honeywell’s air-to-ground satellite communications avionics to deliver VoIP to onboard VoWiFi handsets.

Cirilium, Inc (OTCBB:CRLU) today announced its cooperation with Honeywell (NYSE:HON) to provide Honeywell with a WiFi technology-enabled VoIP phone system for their Business Jet customers.

The new system will interface with the Honeywell onboard ARINC 746-compliant SATCOM avionics components that provide air-to-ground satellite communications, allowing passengers to interface with the system via a Cirilium WiFi VoIP handset.

Cirilium will also be providing the core VoIP and IP data communication gateway software that will integrate with the avionics platform designed, tested and certified per FAA specification by Honeywell.

The resulting product product will in effect be a Cirilium WiFi-enabled IP-PBX on Honeywell’s platform. The companies believe that a WiFi-enabled VoIP cabin telephony system for the corporate business jet market will be a significant improvement over any of the proprietary hard wired telephony systems currently in the market.

Ecuity and Ottawa Wireless to Offer Metro Wi-Fi VoIP

December 13, 2004


ecuityOttawa Wireless will private label Ecuity’s V-Tone VoIP service for Metro-Wide Wi-Fi VoIP calling in Rio Rancho, NM, and Grand Haven, MI.

Ecuity, Inc (OTCBB: ECUI.OB) announced an agreement with the Azulstar subsidiary of Ottawa Wireless in which Ecuity will be the exclusive private label mobile VoIP service provider to Azulstar’s WiFi wireless broadband customers, both business and residential.

Initial deployments will include Rio Rancho, New Mexico and Grand Haven, Michigan, where city-wide WiFi deployments are already in place. Azulstar expects to launch the Rio Rancho Wi-Fi based VoIP services at the beginning of 2005, and Grand Haven, where Azulstar already has over 1,000 business and residential customers, will be offered Ecuity’s VoIP services later in the year.

Rio Rancho, NM, often referred to as the Silicon Mesa, will be the nation’s largest and most advanced city- wide Wi-Fi network.

Users in both cities will be able to make and receive calls via laptop, portable PC or handheld PC from anywhere in the two cities, and businesses will be able to use Ecuity’s V-Tone Office for business class IP PBX over a wireless network.

Ecuity is a facilities-based carrier which has operated as a traditional telephone company for 17 years, with offices in offices in Bellevue and Seattle, Washington. It claims to be the first such carrier to offer complete business-class VoIP and VoWiFi both nationwide and internationally with quality equal to or better than traditional phone service.