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VoIP, Inc, Provisions DID Numbers in Real Time for Service Providers

January 12, 2005


voipincThe availability of immediate provisioning of Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers from VoIP, Inc, for locations around the country will save service providers the expense of having to inventory large supplies of these numbers in advance.

VoIP Inc (OTCBB:VOII), through its subsidiary VoIP Americas, has enhanced its flagship product VoIPDID to include the ability to order and provision DID numbers in real time, eliminating the costly provisioning delays and expense facing many VoIP service providers.

VoIPDID allows next-generation service providers to quickly obtain US local DID numbers which can be terminated on their VoIP gateways anywhere in the world, mitigating the need to establish multiple points of presence in the US, and wait at the convenience of Tier One carriers to provide them with numbers.

The numbers are ordered and provisioned in real time via VoIP America’s web portal and application interface, avoiding lead times that sometimes exceed 90 days. An even tighter integration via XML allows DID numbers to be displayed and provisioned to customers during an online subscription process, further reducing installation costs.

VoIP, Inc, is a solution provider of high-quality VoIP for residential and business customers, and also manufactures products and delivers services, ranging from subscriber-based VoIP, to SIP-based infrastructure, to broadband customer premise equipment and wireless broadband technology, for ISPs, telecom service providers, and cable operators in various countries.