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RADCOM’s Omni-Q Selected by Korea to Verify VoIP Quality Compliance

January 19, 2005


The Korean Telecommunications Technology Association has standardized on RADCOM’s Omni-Q VoIP quality monitoring solution to verify standards compliance by operators.

RADCOM, Ltd (NASDAQ:RDCM) announced that TTA, the Korean Telecommunications Technology Association, a non-governmental IT standards setting body, will use its Omni-Q system to conduct pre-licensing certification testing of more than twenty VoIP service providers for compliance with VoIP quality of service standards set by Korea’s Ministry of Information and Telecommunication.

Omni-Q is a distributed voice quality monitoring system that intelligently manages end-to-end voice and signaling quality on packet and circuit switched networks. It provides operators with a dynamic view of network service quality, and gives them quality management control by monitoring, analyzing and measuring VoIP network traffic.

The TTA is responsible for testing products from leading Korean manufacturers and service providers. It was established in 1988, and is a member of international standards organizations such as ITU, ETSI, T1, TTC, ARIB, TSACC and ACIF.

RADCOM believes that the TTA’s selection of Omni-Q will raise RADCOM’s visibility with VoIP technology and service providers who are required to show continuing compliance with mandated quality of service levels.