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VoiceGlo Announces Breakthrough IM Interoperability

December 2, 2004


voicegloIM plug-in allows users to message, call, or voice message across all instant message platforms.

VoiceGlo, a subsidiary of The Globe.com (OTCBB:TGLO), announced this week the availability for beta testing of its new GloConnect product, which allows users to interoperate between all the major instant messaging clients.

GloConnect uses an overlay technology to unite all instant message services, including AOL, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ, allowing users to text message, voice message and phone each other for free no matter which – or how many different – platforms are involved.

Adding a phone (or microphone and speakers) to the IM client enables making and receiving calls to everyone on all their buddy lists, irrespective of IM service. GloConnect users do not have to log in to each of the networks or abandon their preferred IM interface.

GloConnect launched in beta version on Tuesday, and it is available for download at http://www.gloconnect.com. The company invites downloads and user feedback to help it finalize the product. Feedback on the beta version will be accepted until January 5, 2005.

GloConnect also incorporates VoiceGlo’s Web- and PC-based GloPhone worldwide VoIP phone service. In addition, anyone who downloads GloConnect is entitled to free peer-to-peer or IM-to-IM calling among all GloConnect or GloPhone users.

VoiceGlo is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and other products include GloPBX, a next-generation wireless communications system that turns wireless routers into virtual PBX systems.

BroadbandTeleco.com to offer residential service

March 31, 2004


Dial Discount USA Begins Selling voiceglo First Web-based Long Distance Vendor Adds voiceglo as Featured Product on BroadbandTeleco Web site.

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL – March 16, 2004 – One of the first web-based long distance companies in the marketplace, Dial Discount USA, will this month begin marketing VoIP products and services from voiceglo, a wholly owned subsidiary of theglobe.com (OTC: TGLO.OB) as the company’s primary featured Web phone offering, it was announced today.

Dial Discount USA Inc., which began marketing long distance products and services in1999, will feature voiceglo on the Web site of its wholly-owned subsidiary, BroadbandTeleco.com. The site will be selling voiceglo’s home and business products, which start as low as $29.99 per month for residential users and $49.99 for business users. The voiceglo Unlimited plan provides unlimited free local and long distance calling within the US or Canada including taxes and calling features.

“We got excited about VoIP over a year ago and started exploring the possibilities of marketing soon after,” Tom A. Johnson, President of Dial Discount USA, said. “It wasn’t until we started talking with voiceglo that our plans came to together. voiceglo by far has the best residential and business model in the market today. We look forward to gaining significant market share in the telecom industry with voiceglo as our featured product.”