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CIRPACK VoIP Switching Platform to be Deployed in Denmark

January 19, 2005


The second largest DSL operator in Denmark will use Cirpack switches and IBM technology to deliver VoIP services to residential and business customers.

CIRPACK, SA announced that its Carrier-Class SoftSwitch and PSTN Gateways based on IBM eServer xSeries technology have been selected by Cybercity, the second largest broadband service provider in Denmark, to deliver VoIP managed telephony services over DSL to residential and business customers in Denmark.

Cybercity has deployed the Cirpack MultiNode with maintenance services delivered through IBM Global Services. The Cirpack MultiNode is made of a Class-5 and Class-4 softswitch running on IBM eServer xSeries and media gateways connecting IP, ATM and TDM networks together, and scales to the hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

It enables low cost deployments of toll-grade VoIP and VoATM services on a very large scale while maintaining existing POTS and ISDN services, and connects to the PSTN using all flavors of SS7.

Today, Cybercity holds a share of over 8% in the retail market and 20% in the corporate market for integrated broadband solutions. It expects to continue to grow its shares in the Danish VoIP market in 2005 based on these technologies.

Pronexus Delivers VBVoice 5.3 RAD Tool for High Density, Hardware-less VoIP

January 4, 2005


Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment creates scalable IP and TDM telephony applications such as hardware-less VoIP and speech-enabled IVRs for high-density environments.

Pronexus, Inc announced today the immediate availability of its VBVoice 5.3 Rapid Application Development environment for IP, computer telephony, and speech applications requiring support for Dialogic hardware, and now also supporting Intel NetStructure DM/V boards.

VBVoice 5.3 also expands on Pronexus’s Application Console, which permits centralized administration and reporting for call centers, hosting organizations and other large-scale environments, extending it to a .NET version.

The console allows calls to be answered and distributed to various applications residing on one or more telephony servers, managing and routing them based on specified rules, monitoring application performance, and logging calls and events. The source code for the Pronexus Application Console is separately available as an optional extra.

VBVoice 5.3 also introduces support for Microsoft’s Standard and Enterprise Servers 2003 on Intel Dialogic hardware, and includes a new hardware interface optimized for peak performance and flexibility in resource management.

iQ NetSolutions Delivers Presence in Any-to-Any Communications

November 30, 2004


iQ NetSolutions’ VistaPoint Enterprise delivers enterprise-wide presence monitoring and telephony call control across heterogeneous (TDM and IP) communication systems.

iQ NetSolutions, Inc announced the addition of Avaya’s IP Office and MERLIN MAGIX to the list of major vendor PBX solutions with which its VistaPoint Enterprise version 4.0 is compatible.

IQ NetSolutions’ technology is designed to bridge the gap between legacy TDM-based PBXs and new technologies such as VoIP and SIP, to use presence and call control-based applications for real-time presence visibility of every user throughout an enterprise. This will make it possible to instantly connect callers with a requested party for improved customer service and support, says the company.

The VistaPoint Enterprise suite includes productivity applications designed for a variety of users. VistaPoint Console is used by system operators for presence-based call control, while the VistaPoint Companion series offers plug-in applications for Microsoft Outlook and Windows Messenger.

The application-level solution’s strength is that it can be transparently implemented across an enterprise, even in a mixed PBX vendor environment. VistaPoint Enterprise works with all major PBX platforms (TDM and IP) from vendors including Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Nortel, Siemens and others.

iQ NetSolutions, Inc is a privately owned company headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts.,