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Mind CTI Partners with Veraz to Deliver End-to-end Billing for SIP

November 16, 2004


mindMIND CTI’s integrated SIP-based billing and customer care platform is to be combined with Veraz’s open softswitches and media gateways to provide an integrated billing solution for packet voice carriers.

MIND CTI Ltd (Nasdaq:MNDO) has joined the Veraz Open Systems Alliance program following completion of interoperability testing with Veraz’s carrier-class VoIP solution.

Veraz’s Packet Telephony solution includes its ControlSwitch distributed softswitch and its I-Gate gateway family, both of which feature their own in-house DSP technology for quick response to carrier needs as well as validated third-party voice quality testing. Also, Veraz’s Network’s support of different country variations of SS7 and PRI protocols allows rapid deployment network-wide in multiple cities and countries.

Delivering SIP-based enhanced services and open interfaces to multi-vendor SIP-based networks is crucial to the worldwide expansion of packet telephony, both companies said. MIND’s scalable, open and modular architecture is intended to enable unlimited growth and seamless integration with other systems and applications, supporting any network and service expansion.

CableLabs Proposes Further CPE Integration

November 11, 2004


CableLabs is proposing a standards-based single-box customer premise solution that incorporates PacketCable, DOCSIS and VoIP.

CableLabs (Cable Television Laboratories, Inc), the nonprofit research and development consortium of the cable television industry, has issued an RFI (Request for Information) seeking an Integrated DOCSIS Access Device (IDAD) that will further integrate cable operators’ underlying technologies, allowing them to more effectively offer voice and data services to business and commercial customers.

For several years, cable television operators have been transitioning from their traditional delivery of entertainment programming to a position as full-service providers of video, voice, and data telecommunications services. DOCSIS cable modems and headend devices that enable the delivery of high speed data, digital television, and VoIP, are among the fundamental elements making this transition possible.

The RFI seeks a multifunction device for the customer premise end that integrates structured and unstructured T1 and related services as well as client interfaces ranging from traditional DS0-level FXS services to fully functional DS1 interfaces to 100 Base T. The DS1 emulation would be via IP, over DOCSIS. Some more sophisticated implementations would also take advantage of voice compression and dynamic bandwidth allocation between data applications and voice usage.

While IDADs are expected to be particularly attractive in VoIP networks, some operators may also desire the IDAD to function as a transport media for Primary Rate ISDN or DS1 trunks to a class 5 circuit switch, or for Frame Relay, cellular cackhaul, SS7 links, etc, CableLabs says. Finally, since this device also provides data services to a small business customer, some advanced data switching capability might be desirable.

RFI responses are due January 14, 2005.

Agilent to offer network-wide softswitch management

April 1, 2004


Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced the industry’s first operations support system (OSS) with the carrier-class scalability and performance necessary to manage the increasing number and scale of softswitch-controlled voice over IP (VoIP) networks.

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the industry’s first operations support system (OSS) with the carrier-class scalability and performance necessary to manage the increasing number and scale of softswitch-controlled voice over IP (VoIP) networks. Using patented and patent-pending correlation technology, Agilent’s extended NgN Analysis System provides a network-wide view of service quality across VoIP networks and traditional public switched telephone networks (PSTN). This powerful end-to-end view of the entire signaling network enables VoIP service providers to assure service quality across each converged VoIP and SS7 network element used in a VoIP call.

Agilent’s award-winning NgN Analysis System collects and correlates VoIP and PSTN signaling data from multiple softswitches across the carrier’s network. The system captures and stores complete SS7 and VoIP call-flow records and performance metrics to identify and troubleshoot network problems before they affect customers.

In-Stat/MDR, an industry analyst firm, anticipates a 64.6 percent compound annual growth rate in the use of softswitches over the next five years (In-Stat/MDR Market Alert, March 15, 2004). NgN Analysis System’s carrier-class scalability and performance is vital to effectively handle service providers’ new and complex challenges to ensure connectivity, reliability and quality of service while increasing the number and scale of softswitches in their networks.

“To ensure high-quality service, carriers need to identify and isolate VoIP connectivity and performance issues from handset to handset wherever problems occur in the network,” said Bill Mortimer, vice president and general manager of new generation networks and services, Agilent OSS business unit. “This can only be accomplished with a system that offers a view of the entire signaling network, correlating data across PSTN and VoIP protocols, supporting any VoIP application such as VoIP access and long distance, voice-enabled broadband cable and wireless VoIP such as push-to-talk.”

During the past three years, the Agilent NgN Analysis System has facilitated the deployment and operation of VoIP by providing service assurance solutions to leading telephony, cable and competitive local exchange service providers worldwide. Agilent’s NgN quality-of-service and service-level management solutions correlate signaling, voice quality, network element performance metrics and network path analysis data to assure high-quality services across the complex VoIP network infrastructure.

Visit VON booth 722 for a live demonstration of Agilent’s NgN Analysis System, which will monitor calls made from the Free World Dialup pavilion in booth 813. The NgN Analysis System will provide both historical and real-time signaling analysis of FWD calls.