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Blackberry Partners with Nortel, 3Com for VoIP over WiFi

February 9, 2005


blackberryThe BlackBerry 7270 supports IP telephony to extend enterprise desktop phone functionality to a BlackBerry wireless handheld.

Research in Motion Limited has partnered separately with both Nortel Networks and 3Com Corporation to deliver SIP-enabled VoIP over Wi-Fi LANs to a new Blackberry handheld.

RIM and Nortel are focusing on interoperability and integration between RIM’s BlackBerry enterprise platform and Nortel’s MCS 1500 multimedia communications server, while RIM and 3Com are integrating 3Com’s IP PBX and wireless WLAN switch with RIM’s BlackBerry wireless solution for WLAN networks.

The objective in both cases is to allow seamless roaming of office-based VoIP calls within internal WiFi domains, top enahance the mobility of enterprise voice and data.

Both approaches rely on standards-based interoperability based on SIP. The Internet orientation of SIP readily allows always-on BlackBerry applications such as email, VoIP, browser, organizer, push-based services, security and back-end integration to be tied in to existing office PBX functionality.

The products are being demonstrated now, with general release expected soon.

SIPfoundry Deploys Three New Open Source SIP-Compliant Technologies

January 10, 2005


Three new open source software solutions fully compliant with the IETF’s SIP standards will accelerate the adoption of the SIP protocol.

SIPfoundry, Inc has announced sipX – the SIP PBX for Linux, reSIProcate – the Reference SIP Stack, and the SIP Interoperability Project, three projects to serve as industry catalysts for the widespread adoption of SIP as the definitive IP communications infrastructure.

sipX, the SIP PBX for Linux, is a 100 percent SIP, 100 percent open source, PBX, voicemail, auto-attendant and SIP proxy, fully interoperable with SIP-compliant media gateways and phones. It is immediately downloadable and is fully manageable via a web-browser interface.

reSIProcate is a SIP stack, unencumbered by any one company’s commercial agenda, that provides the a fully standards compliant implementation of all key IETF RFCs relating to SIP, including enhanced security features, NAT Traversal, Instant Messaging, and Presence.

The SIP Forum Test Framework (SFTF), designed and written by the SIP Forum and hosted by SIPfoundry as the SFTF SIP Interoperability Project, is a growing body of open source test suites that help SIP product users and vendors ensure standards conformance and interoperability – helping to eliminate SIP islands.

SIPfoundry is dedicated to creating software solutions that implement IETF SIP-related specifications, giving end-users and developers one-stop access to a wide variety of SIP application software, tools and resources, all available under open source licenses that allow easy commercial use.

Covad Completes Nationwide Rollout of Business-Class VoIP

December 10, 2004


CovadCovad’s business-class VoIP service is now available in over 900 US cities, with its Dashboard management system accessible from anywhere over the Internet.

Covad Communications Group (OTCBB:COVD) announced the completion of nationwide rollout of its business-class Covad VoIP, now available in 125 major metropolitan markets including over 900 cities.

Positioned as an alternative to traditional local phone company service for businesses, Covad VoIP uses Covad’s nationwide DSL network to deliver a business-class managed voice service.

Covad VoIP comes in two flavors: Covad vPBX and Covad PBXi. Covad PBXi is designed to work seamlessly with existing PBX equipment. Covad vPBX is designed as a full PBX alternative. Covad and Covad’s dealer network install the service, train users and provide customer support.

All services include: local and long distance with nationwide coverage; Voice Optimized Access (prioritization of voice traffic over the network); automated provisioning; comprehensive SLAs (service level agreements); call logging; Find Me, Follow Me functionality that lets users receive calls on multiple devices from one VoIP phone number; unified visual voice and fax mail; voice and Web conferencing; auto attendant; and Covad Dashboard.

Covad Dashboard brings all of the above features together into one common user interface, allowing them all to be managed from one place using one phone number — but that place can be anywhere on the Internet.

Covad is headquartered in San Jose, and its broadband services are currently available in 44 states and 235 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), where they are accessible by more than 50 percent of all US homes and businesses.

Packet8 Videophone and VoIP Service to be availablew on Voxilla

December 3, 2004


packet8Packet8’s DTA Broadband Phone Adapter and DV 326 Broadband VideoPhone are to be available at VoIP online etailer Voxilla.com

8×8, Inc (NASDAQ:EGHT) announced that its complete service line will now be available in the Online Store secion of etailer Voxilla.com, a component of Voxilla’s web-based VoIP information portal.

The Packet8 VoIP solution uses a high speed connection to deliver VoIP telephony bundled with advanced features (e.g., voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, call waiting caller ID, call forwarding, hold, line-alternate, 3-way conferencing, web access to account controls, real-time online billing, etc.) not included with traditional circuit-switched telephone services.

The standalone Packet8 VideoPhone is a consumer-priced videophone that uses a standard broadband internet connection to transmit high quality audio and instant-on video.

8×8, Inc. offers internet-based telephony solutions for individuals and small to medium sized business users. Packet8 Virtual Office is a hosted PBX with business class features.

VoiceGlo Announces Breakthrough IM Interoperability

December 2, 2004


voicegloIM plug-in allows users to message, call, or voice message across all instant message platforms.

VoiceGlo, a subsidiary of The Globe.com (OTCBB:TGLO), announced this week the availability for beta testing of its new GloConnect product, which allows users to interoperate between all the major instant messaging clients.

GloConnect uses an overlay technology to unite all instant message services, including AOL, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ, allowing users to text message, voice message and phone each other for free no matter which – or how many different – platforms are involved.

Adding a phone (or microphone and speakers) to the IM client enables making and receiving calls to everyone on all their buddy lists, irrespective of IM service. GloConnect users do not have to log in to each of the networks or abandon their preferred IM interface.

GloConnect launched in beta version on Tuesday, and it is available for download at http://www.gloconnect.com. The company invites downloads and user feedback to help it finalize the product. Feedback on the beta version will be accepted until January 5, 2005.

GloConnect also incorporates VoiceGlo’s Web- and PC-based GloPhone worldwide VoIP phone service. In addition, anyone who downloads GloConnect is entitled to free peer-to-peer or IM-to-IM calling among all GloConnect or GloPhone users.

VoiceGlo is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and other products include GloPBX, a next-generation wireless communications system that turns wireless routers into virtual PBX systems.

iQ NetSolutions Delivers Presence in Any-to-Any Communications

November 30, 2004


iQ NetSolutions’ VistaPoint Enterprise delivers enterprise-wide presence monitoring and telephony call control across heterogeneous (TDM and IP) communication systems.

iQ NetSolutions, Inc announced the addition of Avaya’s IP Office and MERLIN MAGIX to the list of major vendor PBX solutions with which its VistaPoint Enterprise version 4.0 is compatible.

IQ NetSolutions’ technology is designed to bridge the gap between legacy TDM-based PBXs and new technologies such as VoIP and SIP, to use presence and call control-based applications for real-time presence visibility of every user throughout an enterprise. This will make it possible to instantly connect callers with a requested party for improved customer service and support, says the company.

The VistaPoint Enterprise suite includes productivity applications designed for a variety of users. VistaPoint Console is used by system operators for presence-based call control, while the VistaPoint Companion series offers plug-in applications for Microsoft Outlook and Windows Messenger.

The application-level solution’s strength is that it can be transparently implemented across an enterprise, even in a mixed PBX vendor environment. VistaPoint Enterprise works with all major PBX platforms (TDM and IP) from vendors including Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Nortel, Siemens and others.

iQ NetSolutions, Inc is a privately owned company headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts.,

Dallas Cowboys Use 3Com to Go All-VoIP

November 26, 2004


3comThe Dallas Cowboys uses 3Com SuperStack 3 NBX IP and 3Com eXchange Call Center to leverage its WAN into a scalable, enterprise-wide phone infrastructure.

3Com IP Telephony, a division of 3Com Corporation (NASDAQ: COMS), announced that the Dallas Cowboys sports team has switched its business-critical voice services to an all-3Com VoIP solution.

Having reached the limits to expansion of its legacy PBX, and needing to add a call center to handle the volume of business generated by its ticket sales, suite sales, merchandise catalog sales and Internet catalog sales, the Cowboys decided that VoIP offered the most cost-effective scalability options.

The multi-site deployment networks 3Com SuperStack 3 NBX devices and more than 350 3Com IP phones at Texas Stadium, where home games are played, at Valley Ranch, where the team practices and coaches and the staff have offices, and at the Cowboys’ merchandising warehouse, all networked via a 3Com IP router network. The implementation is scalable up to 1,500 users.

Because VoIP converges voice and data, call center managers using the 3Com gear can readily monitor real-time graphical information about the operation’s call flows and calls-in-queue. Additionally, the call center platform is modular and scalable, allowing the team to incrementally expand its call center from the initial 15 up to 250 seats.

Eureka, Early CLEC, Survives and Thrives

November 16, 2004


Eureka Networks, an early CLEC, delivers toll-quality VoIP and “VoIP POTS” over managed IP networks to New York City office buildings.

Eureka Networks, Inc, a CLEC founded right around the time of the 1996 Telecom Act, has found a way to survive the meltdown of that business, and now thrives by offering integrated, ready-to-use IP voice and data connectivity to tenants in over 400 New York City metro area buidings.

By agreement with the landlords, Eureka has pre-wired these buildings with fiber cable connected back to a Broadsoft softswitch at the heart of its own managed network. Tenants can be immediately connected to voice and data without the usual setup times required to bring in services from the incumbent telco and / or ISPs, while still being free to choose services other than Eureka’s if they wish.

By having on-premise IADs (Integrated Access Devices) already installed in the buildings, Eureka is able to offer “Virtual POTS” service, or toll-quality IP voice over analog tip-and-ring circuits, to small business tenants, and virtual PBX functionality to larger businesses.

In a testament to foresight and determination, the early establishment of its own managed network and capitalization on emerging VoIP technology just when the technology industry was experiencing its worst times, allowed Eureka to continue to profitably service its “offnet” customers outside the pre-wired buildings, and survive the subsequent lean times.

Its 400-building network, in which 60 buildings are already lit, now allows Eureka to deliver turnkey instant-on telecom and Internet packages, and allows it to claim Eureka as the fastest, most reliable way to get a company up and running.

Covad Launches SME VoIP in 14 New Markets

November 4, 2004


Covad has launched business-class VoIP, managed end-to-end, in 14 new markets, as a business-class alternative to traditional phone service.

Covad Communications Group, Inc (OTCBB:COVD) today announced the availability of its Covad VoIP integrated voice and data service in an initial 14 markets of a projected 125 by year-end.

The 14 markets are: Austin, TX: Birmingham, AL: Burlington, NC; Dayton, OH; Grand Rapids, MI; Greensboro, NC: Holland, MI; Jacksonville, FL; New Orleans, LA; Ogden, UT; Orlando, FL; Provo, UT; Salt Lake City, UT and San Antonio, TX.

Covad VoIP is positioned as a high quality, reliable communications service with features that until now have not been available at prices suitable for small businesses. The company believes that businesses should not expect consumer VoIP services to keep up with their needs, but has designed Covad VoIP to be able to do so.

The service comprises two VoIP products tailored to either small- to medium-sized businesses, or enterprises needing a virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange). Covad vPBX is designed as a full PBX alternative. Covad PBXi is designed to work seamlessly with existing PBX equipment. Covad and Covad’s dealer network install the service, train users and provide complete customer support.

Covad vPBX features the Covad Dashboard, which brings an array of capabilities into one common Web-based user interface, including: local and long-distance services, visual fax and voice mail, Instant Messaging, audio and web conferencing, call logs, directory services, “Find me/Follow me,” and other features, all managed from one place using one phone number, over a single broadband connection.

The services include: nationwide coverage, local and long distance telephone service, automated provisioning capabilities via a browser interface, comprehensive SLAs (Service Level Agreements), Covad Dashboard, call logs for incoming and outgoing call information, Find Me/Follow Me functionality, unified visual voice and fax mail, voice and web conferencing, and automated attendant.

Covad broadband services, comprising DSL, VoIP, T1, Web hosting, managed security, IP and dial-up, and bundled voice and data, are currently available in 44 US states and 235 Metropolitan Statistical Areas.

VegaStream partners with Sving Systems

July 13, 2004


Distribution agreement pushes VoIP into the Nordics

London, UK, 7th July 2004 – VegaStream, the leading supplier of dedicated business VoIP (Voice over IP) Gateways, today announced a partnership agreement with Swedish distributor, Sving Systems. Under the terms of the agreement, Sving Systems will re-sell VegaStream’s products directly to its partners throughout Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

With partners throughout the Nordic countries and Baltic States, Sving Systems is one of the regions leading distributors of networking products including thin client, VoIP and networking optimisation solutions. VegaStream’s gateways are completely compatible with Nordic network standards enabling Sving Systems to provide VegaStream’s portfolio of gateways to its partners throughout the region.

Richard Bayton, VegaStream’s EMEA Enterprise Channel Manager. “Businesses throughout Europe are beginning to realize the benefits of VoIP for effective business communications. As a result we are seeing a great demand within the reseller community for quality VoIP solutions. This distribution agreement with Sving Systems provides an exciting opportunity for VegaStream to establish itself in a new market and represents a significant milestone in VegaStream’s global channel program.

“This is an important deal for us as it means we will be working with one of the leading IP-suppliers. The Nordic market is growing rapidly. Today it is worth 500 million SEK and it is expected to grow with 45 per cent each year by 2007”, said Ulf Sundin, Nordic Business Development Manager at Sving Systems.

VegaStream’s portfolio of business VoIP Gateways are designed to enable businesses to rapidly deploy VoIP solutions while avoiding the extensive reprogramming of the PBX traditionally associated with new VoIP deployments. Fully interoperable with all leading PBX industry and vendor standards, the Vega Gateways provide full inter-PBX feature transparency to deliver a seamless and consistent experience for the corporate user. VegaStream also provides extensive hands-on training for both sales and technical staff that, together with its experienced service and support experts, extends dedicated business VoIP capabilities to its channel partners.