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CallWave Uses Pac-West to Accelerate Deployment of VoIP Mobile Call Apps

January 11, 2005


callwaveCallWave has selected Pac-West’s PSTN On Ramp to expand local coverage for its VoIP-based Mobile Call Screening and Mobile Call Transfer services for cellphones, to expand coverage to over 99% of California.

CallWave, Inc (NASDAQ:CALL) has contracted with Pac-West Telecomm, Inc, to provide two-way connectivity between CallWave and the PSTN through Pac-West’s SuperPOP network, to enable CallWave to extend its ability to offer its two new mobile call applications.

Pac-west Telecomm‘s new PSTN On Ramp includes call origination and termination, local access numbers, two-way connectivity, and multi-rate center, multi-LATA coverage per SuperPOP. These facilites allow CallWave to rapidly deliver its VoIP applications to the mass market without having to build a regionally distributed infrastructure.

Pac-West was founded in 1981, and is currently one of the largest competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) headquartered in California, with a network averaging over 120 million minutes of voice and data traffic per day, and carrying an estimated 20% of the dial-up Internet traffic in California. It also has operations in Nevada, Washington, Arizona, and Oregon.