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Net2Phone Local Number Availability Exceeds 80% of US, Also Offers Canada and UK

December 29, 2004


net2phoneLocal phone numbers in more than 80% of the United States, as well as numbers in cities across Canada and local toll-free numbers in the UK, are now available to VoIP service providers worldwide from Net2Phone.

Net2Phone (NASDAQ:NTOP) today announced that the reach of its US local phone number inventory now exceeds 80% of the US, and that it now offers phone numbers in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, and Hamilton in Canada, and toll free numbers in the United Kingdom, all for use anywhere in the world.

Net2Phone says it is the only provider of both SIP-based and DOCSIS-compliant VoIP solutions, with its SIP-based VoiceLine for DSL and DOCSIS-compliant CableLine for cable service providers. By supporting multiple platforms and architectures, Net2Phone can conform to any operator’s particular marketing, technical, financial and operational needs.

This expansion of number availability enhances service providers’ ability to deliver VoIP service in their regions with local phone numbers, as well as makes more options available to international service providers looking to offer a broader choice of phone numbers.

Net2Phone’s solutions embody features such as call waiting, caller ID and voicemail, and also seamlessly integrate front and back office systems and billing platforms into the operator’s infrastructure, enabling a unified bill for video, high-speed data, and voice services.

Brix Announces Version 3 of Free VoIP Testing Portal

November 15, 2004


Brix NetworksTestYourVoIP.com v. 3.0 enables independent measurement and comparisons of the quality of broadband VoIP connections and providers via self-initiated test calls.

Brix Networks, Inc has also included in this release “Golden Phone” test points at which hardware verifiers are configured to answer calls just like a real phone, and measure the quality of the conversation. These test points can be called from any phone, mobile, Wi-Fi, traditional, or VoIP, serving those who do not yet have broadband and existing VoIP users.

Available now at www.TestYourVoIP.com, Version 3.0 of TestYourVoIP.com also lets registered users:

— View the detailed network path of test calls and use Brix’ VoIP Traceroute Analysis to pinpoint and troubleshoot problems,

— Observe real-time VoIP quality across the entire TestYourVoIP.com network via Brix’ VoIP Weather Report, and

— Save, view, and compare personal test reports over time.

Also as part of Version 3.0, Brix has established a new TestYourVoIP.com test point in Sydney, Australia. This latest site joins other established TestYourVoIP.com testing locations in Boston, Helsinki, London, Montreal, and San Jose.

TestYourVoIP.com has had more than four million visitors to this site since its inception earlier this year.

Paraxip and CYGCOM enter Distribution Agreement

June 15, 2004


Paraxip Technologies today announced an agreement with CYGCOM Integrated Technologies. Through this agreement CYGCOM will co-market, distribute and support Paraxip’s speech-optimized media gateway products to their extensive VAR and ISV distribution channels.

Montréal and Markham, Canada – June 14, 2004 – Paraxip Technologies, a leading developer of open and flexible VoIP gateway solutions, today announced an agreement with CYGCOM Integrated Technologies, a value added channel distributor of speech integration products and services for converged voice and data solutions. Through this agreement CYGCOM will co-market, distribute and support Paraxip’s speech-optimized media gateway products to their extensive VAR and ISV distribution channels. CYGCOM offers a number of high-value hardware, software and support bundles based on Paraxip’s software products specifically targeted at the speech and IVR markets.

“Paraxip is delighted to work with CYGCOM, an industry leader in the field of computer telephony integration and speech technologies” said Serge Forest, President and CEO at Paraxip. “CYGCOM brings tremendous value to our solutions by offering their world-class system integration and support services to our joint customers”.

With this agreement, CYGCOM is the channel source for complete integrated solutions including all the hardware, software and support services related to Paraxip’s products. “We are pleased to partner with Paraxip in offering this gateway product suite specifically designed for the speech and IVR markets” said Jeff Valliant, CYGCOM’s President and CEO. “We firmly believe that Paraxip’s approach of leveraging best-of-breed, building-block components is what this industry needs as it accelerates its transition to VoIP.” Products from Paraxip as well as complete Paraxip solution bundles are now available from CYGCOM.

Eicon Launches The Diva Server V-Series Family

March 22, 2004


New adapters enable powerful solutions for voice, speech and conferencing.


MONTREAL, March 18, 2004 — Eicon Networks Corporation, a global leader in providing reliable communication products for networked business applications, today announced the launch of the Diva Server V-Series family of adapters for voice, speech and conferencing applications. The new family is a dedicated range of intelligent adapters for real-time voice processing that integrates with applications to deliver high performance, rich functionality and cost savings.

The Diva Server V-Series adapters are fully scalable with versions for E1, T1 and ISDN Primary Rate along with multiple and single ISDN Basic Rate allowing a mix of 4 adapters to be combined in a single server delivering up to 120 communication channels for continuous voice and speech processing. With industry standard PCI-X and PCI 2.2 compatibility through 3.3V and 66MHz bus speeds, users can install the most up to date servers to get the full value from their applications.

The family provides a full set of voice processing functions including tone detection and generation, voice activity detection and echo cancellation. Handling voice either in PSTN standard coding or in compressed coding allows adaptation to any kind of telephony system. Onboard powerful Digital Signaling Processors (DSPs), one dedicated to each communication channel, perform these complex operations in real-time enhancing overall system performance and lowering implementation cost.

The Diva Server V-Series supports Generic Tone Detection and Generation capabilities to give greater flexibility in adapting to global call signaling standards. With the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) feature, voice quality and maximum size of conferences is substantially improved, allowing for up to sixty parties in a single conference. Furthermore, to enable PBX integration also includes ETSI DSS-1 and Q-SIG signaling parameters.

Also announced today, the Diva Server Software Suite 7.0 enables support for the new Diva Server V-Series adapters. Diva Server Software Suite 7.0 supports all of the most recent Microsoft Server systems, including Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, as well as Windows NT. The Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003 driver included in the Diva™ Server Software Suite 7.0 is signed and certified by Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL), easing hardware installation.

The Diva Server V-Series can be ordered now using the part codes below:


306-214 Diva Server V-PRI/E1-30

306-213 Diva Server V-PRI/T1-24

306-218 Diva Server V-4BRI

306-219 Diva Server V-BRI