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Pronexus Delivers VBVoice 5.3 RAD Tool for High Density, Hardware-less VoIP

January 4, 2005


Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment creates scalable IP and TDM telephony applications such as hardware-less VoIP and speech-enabled IVRs for high-density environments.

Pronexus, Inc announced today the immediate availability of its VBVoice 5.3 Rapid Application Development environment for IP, computer telephony, and speech applications requiring support for Dialogic hardware, and now also supporting Intel NetStructure DM/V boards.

VBVoice 5.3 also expands on Pronexus’s Application Console, which permits centralized administration and reporting for call centers, hosting organizations and other large-scale environments, extending it to a .NET version.

The console allows calls to be answered and distributed to various applications residing on one or more telephony servers, managing and routing them based on specified rules, monitoring application performance, and logging calls and events. The source code for the Pronexus Application Console is separately available as an optional extra.

VBVoice 5.3 also introduces support for Microsoft’s Standard and Enterprise Servers 2003 on Intel Dialogic hardware, and includes a new hardware interface optimized for peak performance and flexibility in resource management.

Interstar Launches XMediusFAX Express 4.1 Software-Only Fax-over-IP

November 29, 2004


The shrink-wrapped, rapid-install 1 to 4-channel fax server for T.38 IP Fax can be bundled by telecom resellers and carriers for lower-traffic fax users or SMBs.

Interstar Technologies Inc announced the release of version 4.1 of its XMediusFAX Express T.38 Fax-over-IP boardless server software, designed to provide from 1 to 4 channels of centrally managed fax for converged IP networks.

By seamlessly integrating into IP-PBX and IP-voice mail systems, XMediusFAX is designed to offer centralized faxing from the desktop or a multifunction device (MFD), as well as automatic inbound routing, all without fax hardware or leased lines.

Long-distance charges are eliminated by routing the faxes over IP in TIFF or PDF format to a VoIP branch office closest to the destination area code, using VPN encryption for security.

The product supports 3Com, Cisco and Alcatel gateways, as well as Microsoft Exchange / Windows / Office 2003. It includes support for H.323 and SIP for compatibility, as well as SMTP-compliant email clients, G4 (Group 4) fax, and HTML email notification.

Interstar introduced its hardware-based LightningFAX fax server in 1996, and the first version of the boardless XMediusFAX in 2002. The company maintains technology partnerships with Microsoft, Cisco Systems, IBM, HP, Lotus, Pitney Bowes, Brooktrout, Groupe SAGEM, Artisoft, Bell Canada, SAP and Onset Technology.