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Teleglobe to Deliver High-Speed Internet Access to Aircaft in Flight over Pacific

November 9, 2004


Teleglobe has been selected by Boeing’s Connexion service to deliver the satellite uplink and downlink for Boeing’s in-flight high-speed Internet access throughout the Pacific region.

Teleglobe International Holdings Ltd’s (NASDAQ:TLGB) satellite ground station in Lake Cowichan, British Columbia will provide the uplink and downlink between the terrestrial Internet backbone and the satellites that will maintain continuous IP connections with each airplane and its on-board ethernet or WiFi local area network. Trans-Pacific passengers and staff will connect to the public Internet and their company intranet just as if they were on the ground.

Connexion by Boeing entered commercial service on May 17, 2004, onboard Lufthansa Flight 452 from Munich to Los Angeles. Lufthansa is currently equipping all its long-haul aircraft with the Connexion by Boeing system. In addition, ANA, Asiana Airlines, China Airlines, Japan Airlines, Korean Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines System and Singapore Airlines have announced they will begin offering the Connexion by Boeing high-speed in-flight Internet service on selected routes.

Roaming agreements also have been established to provide “WiFi in the Sky” to customers of Infonet MobileXpress, iPass, NTT Docomo Mzone and StarHub, all of which are terrestrial-based wireless hot spot and mobility service providers.

Teleglobe has an inventory of over 40 teleport antennas and transponder capacity from global satellite operators, which will enable it to deliver the the in-flight data streams between the satellites and the terrestial network for Connexion’s airline customers.

Teleglobe’s telecommunications network reaches over 240 countries and territories with voice, mobile, and data services, serving more than 1,200 wholesale customers. It became a public company trading on the Nasdaq under the symbol TLGB with the acquisition of the VoIP network company ITXC Corp on June 1, 2004.

Brix Networks announces Service Assurance Solution

December 17, 2003


Brix NetworksCompany’s New BrixMon Software Provides Proactive Performance Monitoring Of IP Telephony Networks And Applications.


CHELMSFORD, Mass. — December 16, 2003 —Brix Networks, the trusted provider of real-time service assurance solutions to operators of service-centric networks, today announced BrixMon (TM), the company’s new performance management and service assurance software offering specifically designed for large enterprise networks.

BrixMon provides network administrators with proactive, end-to-end verification of their IP-based networks and applications, including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video, Virtual Private Network (VPN) access, and Web services. It affords remote visibility into service performance across the enterprise LAN and WAN, including branch offices, through the management of a network of software-based Brix Verifier Agents or optional hardware Brix Verifiers.

A secure, central-site software system, BrixMon provides automatic test threshold auditing, compliance analysis, sophisticated real-time and historical reporting capabilities, storage for performance data, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for integration with various third-party management tools. BrixMon offers carrier-class reliability and scalability as it delivers a streamlined performance deployment environment especially for enterprises. The system supports the enterprise-standard Windows 2000 operating system, and embeds Oracle’s database management system for transparent installation and management.

BrixMon also sports a powerful, Web-based provisioning, monitoring, and reporting user interface. The easy-to-use BrixMon user interface provides a comprehensive reporting interface designed to effectively troubleshoot network operational issues, monitor network and application performance in real time, and mine historical performance data for trends. Users can choose from among a suite of pre-configured Quick Reports or create Custom Reports, while Executive Reports provide a host of bottom line-focused performance summaries.

BrixMon software supports a complete set of modular, extensible, plug-in test suites for measuring today’s IP-based services, plus network connectivity and traffic monitoring. In addition to active tests that simulate end-user transactions, BrixMon also supports tests that passively monitor network traffic. All tests can be customized to meet the precise testing requirements of an organization, and are automatically downloaded to the testing endpoints deployed throughout the enterprise.

Proactive performance management, through the continuous evaluation of easy-to-set warning and failure thresholds, gives enterprise network managers the opportunity to reroute traffic or reapportion resources and avoid degradations in service levels before their users are affected. With the optional BrixMon Alerting Package, operators can choose to be notified via e-mail, page, and SNMP traps, or to monitor the user interface for current information on IP service “hotspots.”

“Brix Networks’ real-time performance monitoring solutions provide comprehensive network and application coverage,” said Jay Mohr, network manager at the Los Angeles-based Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, a Brix customer. “Brix products allow enterprise users to assess the performance impact of IP services on their networks — and on the other critical services being delivered — before, during, and after implementation.” “BrixMon will help empower IT organizations in large enterprises with flexible and detailed analyses of IP services, including VoIP, that have significant wide area requirements,” said Dennis Drogseth, vice president at Enterprise Management Associates, an industry research firm that specializes in network management software and services. “BrixMon can then map these analyses in an automated fashion to service level requirements to prioritize their impact on business. This should help IT further evolve towards enhanced business alignment and control, as IT becomes more and more like a functioning and accountable service provider within the larger business.”

VoIP Service Testing

The optional BrixMon Advanced VoIP Test Suites enable network managers to perform pre-deployment testing, ongoing performance monitoring, and troubleshooting of VoIP networks and applications. The targeted Advanced VoIP Test Suites provide performance and quality tests for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), H.323, or Cisco Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP) networks. Detailed test results pinpoint key VoIP quality factors, including call setup, media transmission performance, and voice quality.

Video Conferencing and Streaming Testing

In order for network administrators to control the performance of video services, key quality indicators – like service availability, session initiation, and video transmission quality – must be measured. The optional BrixMon Advanced Video Test Suite provides objective measurements of these quality-impacting factors, including one-way and round-trip latency, jitter, packet and frame loss, rebuffering time, server redirects, bandwidth utilization, and more.

BrixMon software delivers carrier-class functionality, reliability, and scalability and provides enterprise network administrators with complete, end-to-end, service assurance and performance management of multiple IP services from a single system.