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EyeBill Flexibility Allows VIVOphone to Differentiate End-Users and Carriers

December 13, 2004


EyeBill’s VoIP billing platform allows VIVOphone to implement its fast growth plan of free unlimited VoIP phone calls to end-customers and a competitive fee to carriers in Latin America

EyeBill Interactive Solutions’ Enterprise Edition of its VoIP billing platform is being used in Latin America by VIVOphone to advance its penetration of that market.

The Latin American market is still characterized by big communication companies behaving like oligopolies who skim the local market with relatively high prices, while small start-ups are unable to compete by offering traditional communications services.

With the EyeBill billing platform, VIVOphone is competing by successfully targeting both end-customers and wholesale traffic businesses, offering zero charge long distance to callers using VIVOphone’s IP devices to connect to IP devices within the company’s network, and charging low fees for termination services to local carriers via an IP-to-PSTN connection.

It also achieves a tariff differentiation between IP-to-IP and IP-to-PSTN connection as well as differentiation between long-distance and short-distance communication services, which are the basics of the company’s business model.

Ingate Enters NYC , South Florida and Canadian Markets

May 25, 2004


Distributor Partnerships with UDT Protia and CentralTouch Expand North American Sales Reach, Increase Visibility in Latin America

HOLLIS, NH, May 24, 2004 – Ingate® Systems, which produces and sells the world’s only fully Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-capable enterprise firewalls, is expanding its sales reach with new distribution partnerships with UDT Protia and CentralTouch Technology. The partnerships strengthen Ingate’s foothold in North America by bringing the company’s SIP-enabling security products directly to customers in the NYC metro, south Florida and Canadian markets, as well as in Latin America.

The exclusive distributor of Ingate Firewall® and Ingate SIParator® products in Canada, CentralTouch is a recognized VoIP and SIP-based realtime technology leader. UDT Protia serves the South Florida and New York City metropolitan markets, and has built a presence in South America within the last 10 years.

A world leader in next-generation firewall technology, Ingate produces and sells the world’s first SIP-capable enterprise firewalls and the SIParator, a device that works in conjunction with an existing network firewall to seamlessly enable the traversal of SIP communications.

“CentralTouch and UDT Protia are tremendous leaders in their respective markets. Ingate is honored to be working with them, as they represent significant sales opportunities for us in North America and Latin America,” said Olle Westerberg, Chief Executive Officer, Ingate Systems.

“Interoperability is a critical issue for our customers,” said Hassan Firouzbakht, President and CTO, CentralTouch Technology. “Together, Ingate and CentralTouch offer Canadian enterprises a world-class end-to-end solution that delivers secure VoIP to any network, of any size.”

“Businesses in North America and Latin America are hungry for products that solve interoperability and NAT traversal issues, maintain network security and help them preserve existing IT investments. Together, Ingate and UDT Protia offer these businesses an elegant solution,” said Walter Cannon, Business Development Manager of UDT Protia.