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HomePlug Broadband-Over-Powerline Specification Taking Shape

February 4, 2005


homeplugStudy by ISPs, utilities, and semiconductor and consumer electronics retailers and manufacturers zeroes in on HomePlug AV components to underly the BPL spec.

The HomePlug Powerline Alliance announced the selection of the so-called MAC and PHY technologies of HomePlug AV to become the baseline technology for its long-awaited BPL specification.

HomePlug AV is a 200 Mbps powerline networking technology designed specifically to meet the needs of digital multimedia networks in the home. It was developed through competitive testing of powerline technologies submitted by companies from around the world.

After lab tests and field trials, HomePlug combined the best technologies, from Arkados, Conexant Systems, Intellon Corp, and Sharp, into the HomePlug AV specification, which is being finalized for expected release this quarter.

By selecting the MAC and PHY components of HomePlug AV for HomePlug BPL, there are many technical advantages from which the Alliance expects to speed finalization of the HomePlug BPL standard.

Having a single MAC and PHY technology for both to-the-home and in-home powerline applications also provides the ease-of-use and interoperability that are essential for HomePlug BPL to make any inroads into the provision of broadband to consumers and business.

Chinese Equipment Giant to Provide TV-over-IP in Delhi, India

January 18, 2005


In a partnership with local ISP Atlas Interactive, ZTE Corporation of China will introduce a TV-over-IP service in India as part of a broadband voice, video and data service.

ZTE Corporation of China announced a strategic alliance with Atlas Interactive (Private) Ltd of India under which the two companies will cooperate in introducing TVoIP to four cities in the Delhi region of India.

Expected to be worth more than one billion Rupees, the alliance involves supplying and commissioning a TVoIP network as the foundation for a range of voice, video, and data services for subscribers in the towns of Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Noida.

ZTE equipment will be combined with Atlas’ netTV technology, and will be able to deliver video on demand, broadcast TV, music, video conferencing, SMS, email, web, Internet and intranet access and data at broadband access speed.

ZTE Corporation is China’s largest listed telecom equipment provider, specializing in custom network solutions for carriers, including fixed, mobile, data and optical networks, intelligent networks and next generation networks. It also manufactures mobile phones.

Last year, ZTE won contracts to provide Nepal Telecom with the biggest CDMA contract in the country’s history, and the Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board with switching equipment for 59 cities and 220 towns.

deltathree Launches New VoIP and Calling Features

December 14, 2004


New features include Web call, inbound calling, voice mail, call forwarding, SMS callback, and a choice of US, European or Israeli telephone numbers.

deltathree, Inc (NASDAQ:DDDC) today announced the launch of new features and services for its VoIP Reseller Program, expanded the range of devices certified as interoperable with its service, and incorporated the recently announced new pricing plans and an enhanced look and feel for its VoIP service.

Among the new features is an expanded choice of inbound local phone numbers available to end users irrespective of location. Customers can choose to receive calls via these phone numbers as local calls in the US, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel and the UK.

deltathree’s reseller platform enables end users to manage and control a variety of VoIP services and account activities, and gives resellers a wide range of back-office tools to analyze, control and manage their customer base.

The new customizable Web-based and SMS-based callback features allow users to decide if the call should occur immediately or at a later time, new to deltathree’s IP voice service.

Through the Reseller Program, calling centers/shops, Internet Cafes, local hardware and software distributors, local ISPs, calling card and callback companies, telecom consultants, Web portal and entrepreneurs can all participate in the business of VoIP.

Eureka, Early CLEC, Survives and Thrives

November 16, 2004


Eureka Networks, an early CLEC, delivers toll-quality VoIP and “VoIP POTS” over managed IP networks to New York City office buildings.

Eureka Networks, Inc, a CLEC founded right around the time of the 1996 Telecom Act, has found a way to survive the meltdown of that business, and now thrives by offering integrated, ready-to-use IP voice and data connectivity to tenants in over 400 New York City metro area buidings.

By agreement with the landlords, Eureka has pre-wired these buildings with fiber cable connected back to a Broadsoft softswitch at the heart of its own managed network. Tenants can be immediately connected to voice and data without the usual setup times required to bring in services from the incumbent telco and / or ISPs, while still being free to choose services other than Eureka’s if they wish.

By having on-premise IADs (Integrated Access Devices) already installed in the buildings, Eureka is able to offer “Virtual POTS” service, or toll-quality IP voice over analog tip-and-ring circuits, to small business tenants, and virtual PBX functionality to larger businesses.

In a testament to foresight and determination, the early establishment of its own managed network and capitalization on emerging VoIP technology just when the technology industry was experiencing its worst times, allowed Eureka to continue to profitably service its “offnet” customers outside the pre-wired buildings, and survive the subsequent lean times.

Its 400-building network, in which 60 buildings are already lit, now allows Eureka to deliver turnkey instant-on telecom and Internet packages, and allows it to claim Eureka as the fastest, most reliable way to get a company up and running.

EyeBill VoIP Billing for Turkey

November 16, 2004


EyeBill Interactive will deliver a hosted billing solution to Turkish alternative telecoms through a partnership with Turkish system integrator Probil.

EyeBill Interactive, Inc is offering the new enhanced version of its billing software, EyeBill v.3.2, with the option to host the billing solution on annual basis and special credit terms, for the emerging VoIP businesses in Turkey.

This hosting opportunity available from Probil offers an important cost advantage to smaller competitive telecoms, who tend otherwise to get squeezed out between the large ISPs and the ILEC, Turk Telecom.

EyeBill v.3.2 features new accounting and invoicing, new users rights, and improved reporting and client management functions. The partnership with Probil offers the advantages of a high-quality billing platform with reliable local service, and optional integration with a CRM system.

EyeBill specializes in telecom billing and customer care solutions for incumbent telecoms, emerging carriers, VoIP calling card operators and ISPs. Established in 2000 as a joint venture, it has expanded to cover all VoIP business models – corporate, residential, prepaid, postpaid, calling cards, call shop and wholesale.