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CIRPACK VoIP Switching Platform to be Deployed in Denmark

January 19, 2005


The second largest DSL operator in Denmark will use Cirpack switches and IBM technology to deliver VoIP services to residential and business customers.

CIRPACK, SA announced that its Carrier-Class SoftSwitch and PSTN Gateways based on IBM eServer xSeries technology have been selected by Cybercity, the second largest broadband service provider in Denmark, to deliver VoIP managed telephony services over DSL to residential and business customers in Denmark.

Cybercity has deployed the Cirpack MultiNode with maintenance services delivered through IBM Global Services. The Cirpack MultiNode is made of a Class-5 and Class-4 softswitch running on IBM eServer xSeries and media gateways connecting IP, ATM and TDM networks together, and scales to the hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

It enables low cost deployments of toll-grade VoIP and VoATM services on a very large scale while maintaining existing POTS and ISDN services, and connects to the PSTN using all flavors of SS7.

Today, Cybercity holds a share of over 8% in the retail market and 20% in the corporate market for integrated broadband solutions. It expects to continue to grow its shares in the Danish VoIP market in 2005 based on these technologies.

pulver.Communicator Released to OEMs, Interoperates with Skype

January 6, 2005


The new Instant Messaging / Voice over IP / Two-Way-Video-Calling-over-IP / Presence / Contact-Sharing software product from FWD Communications has been released to OEMs for incorporation into PCs, PDAs, cellphones, and any other IP-enabled device to add an order of magnitude of additional communications capacity.

FWD Communications today announced the general availability of Beta Version 0.94.3 of its pulver.Communicator IP Communications client application to OEM makers of IP-enabled devices, including PCs, PDAs, and cellphones, for incorporation into their product designs.

The pulver.Communicator combines, and leverages the advantages of, the best features of all current leading edge IP communications technologies — Instant Messaging, VoIP, IP-voice conferencing, video calling, presence, and contact-sharing — all in one Windows XP / 2000 PC client application.

Among its most useful features is the ability to integrate and communicate, one-on-one or multi-party, across the provider boundaries of the four major non-interoperable instant messaging (IM) networks, AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, and ICQ — and also to share contact lists from all four services to whatever extent desired.

VoIP connectivity is provided through the worldwide Free World Dialup/FWD Communications network, extended by its over 80 peering agreements with other VoIP providers worldwide. An important addition was made this week by the finalization of a peering arrangement with Skype.

In keeping with its leading edge mission, the pulver.Communicator uses SIP to establish connect-via-hyperlink individual or on-the-fly-conference calls with SIP-enabled contacts. These calls simultaneously support both voice and Instant Messaging. Non-SIP enabled contacts can be sent a Call-Me Link that enables an immediate VoIP call-back to the sender via FWD Communication’s FWDTalk service.

Two-way webcam video calling is also a standard feature enhanced by the pulver.Communicator’s ease of use. Like all pulver.Communicator services, it also draws on the built-in social networking capacity of being able to share contact or buddy lists at will, completely or to whatever extent desired, right from within the software.

Since its official launch in October, 2004, pulver.Communicator has been downloaded more than 50,000 times around the world.

Broadcom Automates Security Setup for WiFi Networks

January 6, 2005


A new Broadcom chipset allows an entire WiFi network to be fully configured for WPA security in a single step not requiring PC access or control.

Broadcom, Inc aanounced today the immediate availability of a developer’s kit for the SecureEasySetup embedded software running on its new 54g chipsets that automatically establishes a WiFi network’s WPA passphrase keys while it configures the network and installs those keys on each new device added to the network.

This is all accomplished at the touch of a single button without the need for the expert user involvement currently required for secure WiFi network configuration. Because of the intricacies of the current process, as many as 75% of all WiFi networks installed are estimated to lack any security configuration at all.

Also, this automated PC-free installation dramatically accelerates the secure installation of non-PC-based IP devices such as consumer electronics without screens or keypads (e.g. printers and digital cameras), VoIP phones, and digital video equipment.

First to market implementations of Broadcom’s technology will come from Linksys wireless LAN products in Q1 2005 and selected HP notebook and desktop PCs and future networked printers.

Products configured with SecureEasySetup are fully interoperable with any recent WiFi CERTIFIED products, regardless of whether they feature SecureEasySetup, opening the possibility that the new technology will be integrated into peripheral devices and consumer electronics as a new standard.

AT&T and TI Team Up to Accelerate VoIP Teminal Adapter and Gateway Development

January 6, 2005


attNew Texas Instruments silicon and software will be compatible with AT&T’s CallVantage service, via AT&T’s certification lab testing.

AT&T (NYSE:T) is partnering with Texas Instruments (NYSE:TXN) to help VoIP equipment designers and manufacturers develop new platforms compatible with AT&T’s CallVantage Service over its global IP network.

Texas Instruments will deliver AT&T-compatible reference designs for voice gateways and terminal adapters, thus speeding to market OEM products for the CallVantage Service all over the world.

One of the first TI-based VoIP products that will be available through AT&T’s CallVantage Service is VTech Communications’ VoIP 6322 2.4GHz DSS Dual Line Corded/Cordless Broadband Telephone System, which can be used with both traditional and broadband phone services, and is expandable up to eight cordless handsets.

DialPad Escaltes VoIP Price War with $11.99 per month Service

January 6, 2005


dialpadService comes with dpPhone device that includes router and combines PSTN and IP services.

DialPad Communications continues its aggressive VoIP service drive with the introduction of its new DialPadUSA unlimited calling service for US $11.99 per month. The service comes with the dpPhone, a broadband adapter which combines VoIP with traditional PSTN service in one phone.

DialPad found an opportunity with the steady rise of broadband users with DSL service — which forces users to keep at least one PSTN line. So DialPad’s dpPhone relies on that line for E911 service, and for the ability to make calls during a power outage, while using the dual line capability to direct all other calls over the unlimited VoIP service.

The service and its device require no onsite technical support for installation and set-up, and customers can still receive calls through every telephone jack in the home. It can also be used remotely through Dialpad’s softphone, which is accessible for free from any PC in the US, and can be used on virtually any Internet connection — including dial-up.

By combining PSTN and VoIP services, rather than wholly replacing the PSTN service, DialPad attempts to solve the three most vexing problems of VoIP: E911, dialing during poer outages, and receiving inbound calls at every phone jack in the house.

As a bonus, the dpPhone includes a router, to avoid the need to buy that device as well when setting up a home IP network.

SIPquest Contributes to MapInfo E911 VoIP, VoWiFi Solution

December 22, 2004


SIPquest is a partner with MapInfo in the VoIP E911 solution, extensible to VoWiFi, just submitted for review by NENA.

SIPquest, Inc is a co-developer, along with Geocomm and others, of a next generation IP-based E911 solution by MapInfo which has just passed initial review by NENA, the National Emergency Number Association.

The IP-based solution will allow newer technologies, such as wireless and instant messaging, to function effectively and enhance emergency response services.

An important component of this is SIPquest’s breakthrough VoWiFi Fast Handover handset-based software technology to accomplish VoWiFi roaming handoffs in multivendor WiFi Access Point environments with less than 10 milliseconds handover latency.

This is important because current handover latency without the SIPquest solution is in the range of 400 to 600 milliseconds, which is not acceptable for voice service. A 10 millisecond handover time opens the door to widespread VoWiFi roaming acceptance, as well as to the migration of applications such as unified messaging and presence directly to WiFi handsets.

SIPquest’s Fast Handover software comprises latency-reducing algorithms that work independently of the manufacturer of APs used. SIPquest is currently working on WiFi to Cellular roaming, the next logical step.

SIPquest’s participation in the MapInfo solution ensures that future E911 development will incorporate the advances enabled by SIPquest’s technology.SOPQuest

Cirilium Develops VoWiFi-over-Satellite with Honeywell for Business Jets

December 22, 2004


Cirilium’s VoWiFi solution will interface with Honeywell’s air-to-ground satellite communications avionics to deliver VoIP to onboard VoWiFi handsets.

Cirilium, Inc (OTCBB:CRLU) today announced its cooperation with Honeywell (NYSE:HON) to provide Honeywell with a WiFi technology-enabled VoIP phone system for their Business Jet customers.

The new system will interface with the Honeywell onboard ARINC 746-compliant SATCOM avionics components that provide air-to-ground satellite communications, allowing passengers to interface with the system via a Cirilium WiFi VoIP handset.

Cirilium will also be providing the core VoIP and IP data communication gateway software that will integrate with the avionics platform designed, tested and certified per FAA specification by Honeywell.

The resulting product product will in effect be a Cirilium WiFi-enabled IP-PBX on Honeywell’s platform. The companies believe that a WiFi-enabled VoIP cabin telephony system for the corporate business jet market will be a significant improvement over any of the proprietary hard wired telephony systems currently in the market.

CallWave Gets Patent for Call-Return to Caller ID-Blocked Numbers

December 20, 2004


callwaveCalled parties can return a missed call, even if the caller’s number is private or blocked.

CallWave, Inc announced the award of US Patent 6,738,461 for another VoIP technology software enhancement to mainstream telecom technology.

The ability to return a missed call from a private or blocked number is a new element of CallWave’s services that integrate landline, mobile and IP technology by adding software-based call-handling features and by bridging all three networks to help subscribers communicate more effectively.

Since its founding in 1998, CallWave has grown to over 800,000 paying subscribers, focusing on delivering VoIP-enabled call-handling innovations to mainstream consumers and small businesses.

Telchemy Software Embedded in Pivetal’s New VoIP Speech Quality Monitors

December 6, 2004


telchemyPivetal will provide real-time VoIP-specific monitoring of user-perceived quality, thanks to Telchemy’s call quality analysis software.

Telchemy, Inc and Pivetal, Ltd announced today that Pivetal has embedded Telchemy’s VQmon/SA Stream Analysis call quality algorithms in Pivetal’s new QspeeQ family of VoIP Speech Quality Monitoring products, allowing Pivetal customers to assesses user-perceived VoIP quality in real time.

This new VoIP-specific capability further enhances the ability of Pivetal’s Cortex Service Assurance Suite to identify and fix network issues before they impact on service quality levels. This meets the needs of service providers, large and small, to monitor and enforce SLAs (Service Level Agreements) at the customer premise, as they begin rolling out real-time multimedia services such as VoIP.

Traditional call quality management systems have not so far provided the diagnostic tools needed to support the SLAs for new IP-based services, generating a demand for more sophisticated capabilities.

Telchemy’s VQmon provides real-time analysis of VoIP calls, generating quality metrics including listening and conversational quality scores, and detailed diagnostic information on the severity and distribution of packet loss, discards and jitter. VQmon is standards-based call quality monitoring software that supports the IETF RFC 3611 (RTCP XR) Protocol and the new QoS reporting protocols for ITU’s H.323, H.248 and G.799.1 standards.

iQ NetSolutions Delivers Presence in Any-to-Any Communications

November 30, 2004


iQ NetSolutions’ VistaPoint Enterprise delivers enterprise-wide presence monitoring and telephony call control across heterogeneous (TDM and IP) communication systems.

iQ NetSolutions, Inc announced the addition of Avaya’s IP Office and MERLIN MAGIX to the list of major vendor PBX solutions with which its VistaPoint Enterprise version 4.0 is compatible.

IQ NetSolutions’ technology is designed to bridge the gap between legacy TDM-based PBXs and new technologies such as VoIP and SIP, to use presence and call control-based applications for real-time presence visibility of every user throughout an enterprise. This will make it possible to instantly connect callers with a requested party for improved customer service and support, says the company.

The VistaPoint Enterprise suite includes productivity applications designed for a variety of users. VistaPoint Console is used by system operators for presence-based call control, while the VistaPoint Companion series offers plug-in applications for Microsoft Outlook and Windows Messenger.

The application-level solution’s strength is that it can be transparently implemented across an enterprise, even in a mixed PBX vendor environment. VistaPoint Enterprise works with all major PBX platforms (TDM and IP) from vendors including Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Nortel, Siemens and others.

iQ NetSolutions, Inc is a privately owned company headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts.,