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IP Unity and Atreus Systems Partner to Automate VoIP Provisioning

December 14, 2004


ipunityIP Unity and Atreus have completed a joint marketing agreement to automate the provisioning of advanced IP features tier one carriers.

IP Unity and Atreus Systems’ partnership agreement will help carriers increase revenue per customer by extending their existing systems to support VoIP and other advanced IP applications, the companies said. The combined solution allows providers to bundle everything from VoIP and messaging to access and desktop applications.

By using Atreus to automate the provisioning of IP Unity’s media/applications server system, service providers can quickly deploy advanced communications features on demand, further enhancing IP Unity’s ‘many services, one system’ value proposition.

The company is successfully deploying volume shipments at ILECs, MSOs and hybrid carriers. One of these is TELUS, the largest telecommunications company in Western Canada and second largest in Canada overall, which has deployed IP Unity’s unified messaging features and will soon implement the joint solution of IP Unity features with Atreus’ service fulfillment solution in its production network.

Qwest Expands Nationwide VoIP for Business

December 8, 2004


q-lQwest has added 100 more cities where its OneFlex VoIP solution is available for businesses.

Qwest Communications International, Inc (NYSE: Q) announced today the continuing expansion of its OneFlex nationwide VoIP service for business, initially launched in August 2004.

OneFlex is a proprietary Qwest solution initially available to business customers in 26 key metropolitan areas, including 14 cities within the company’s local service region, and 12 major national markets. Now, Qwest offers the service in more than 100 additional cities across the US, including Atlanta, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Miami, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Orlando, St. Louis, and Tampa, Fla.

The OneFlex service comprises three options: OneFlex Integrated Access, OneFlex Hosted VoIP, and IP Centrex Prime, offering respectively, variable bandwidth, integrated local and long-distance voice service and high-speed Internet access, and an IP-enabled interface allowing current tradional Centrex customers to migrate to a VoIP version.

Qwest is one of the four RBOCs remaining after the breakup of AT&T in 1984 and subsequent mergers, which, following the Telecom Act of 1996 are now referred to as ILECs (see VoIP Acronym Dictionary at this site for definitions).

Telco Systems Partners with Phillips to Sell Carrier-Class IP Systems to ILECs

November 26, 2004


telcosystemsTelco Systems announced a distribution agreement with Phillips Communications & Equipment Company to deliver carrier-class copper and fiber-based transport and access equipment to the ILEC market.

Telco Systems, Inc is securing an early position in the move by ILECs (Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers) to deliver fiber services directly to end user customers by signing an agreement with Phillips Communications & Equipment Co, which will distribute Telco Systems’ end-to-end active Ethernet FTTx (Fiber-To-The-Home/Curb/Business) family of carrier-class IP aggregation and core routing switching platforms and VoIP media gateways nationwide.

Phillips will be offering Telco Systems’ VoIP, fiber-to-the-home/business and multi-service solutions, comprising its Access211 and 201, EdgeGate CPE and IP Switch platforms for VoIP and FTTx; as well as its multi-service EdgeLink OTM1000, EdgeLink Hub, and EdgeLink100 family of products which provide DS1, DS3, and Ethernet service delivery.

The Telco Systems FTTx end-to-end solution enables a service provider to connect end-users over fiber from their home or office throughout a community, metro area, campus environment, multi-dwelling unit or multi-tenant unit to an IP backbone and deliver VoIP Internet voice service, video, data and broadband Internet access. The company’s Access211 and Access 201 VoIP gateway connects to either a DSL or cable modem to enable service providers to offer VoIP service over a high-speed Internet connection.

Phillips Communications & Equipment Co was established in 1979 to decommission central offices and to restore and resell the equipment, but has since transitioned to become a distributor of new, and used central office and transmission equipment to the ILECs.

Telco Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of BATM Advanced Communications (London stock exchange ticker symbol: BVC) focuses on integrating transport, access, and packet technologies onto carrier-class IP packet-based platforms, such as high-capacity, self-routing switches with extensive QoS (Quality of Service).

EyeBill VoIP Billing for Turkey

November 16, 2004


EyeBill Interactive will deliver a hosted billing solution to Turkish alternative telecoms through a partnership with Turkish system integrator Probil.

EyeBill Interactive, Inc is offering the new enhanced version of its billing software, EyeBill v.3.2, with the option to host the billing solution on annual basis and special credit terms, for the emerging VoIP businesses in Turkey.

This hosting opportunity available from Probil offers an important cost advantage to smaller competitive telecoms, who tend otherwise to get squeezed out between the large ISPs and the ILEC, Turk Telecom.

EyeBill v.3.2 features new accounting and invoicing, new users rights, and improved reporting and client management functions. The partnership with Probil offers the advantages of a high-quality billing platform with reliable local service, and optional integration with a CRM system.

EyeBill specializes in telecom billing and customer care solutions for incumbent telecoms, emerging carriers, VoIP calling card operators and ISPs. Established in 2000 as a joint venture, it has expanded to cover all VoIP business models – corporate, residential, prepaid, postpaid, calling cards, call shop and wholesale.