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pulver.Communicator Released to OEMs, Interoperates with Skype

January 6, 2005


The new Instant Messaging / Voice over IP / Two-Way-Video-Calling-over-IP / Presence / Contact-Sharing software product from FWD Communications has been released to OEMs for incorporation into PCs, PDAs, cellphones, and any other IP-enabled device to add an order of magnitude of additional communications capacity.

FWD Communications today announced the general availability of Beta Version 0.94.3 of its pulver.Communicator IP Communications client application to OEM makers of IP-enabled devices, including PCs, PDAs, and cellphones, for incorporation into their product designs.

The pulver.Communicator combines, and leverages the advantages of, the best features of all current leading edge IP communications technologies — Instant Messaging, VoIP, IP-voice conferencing, video calling, presence, and contact-sharing — all in one Windows XP / 2000 PC client application.

Among its most useful features is the ability to integrate and communicate, one-on-one or multi-party, across the provider boundaries of the four major non-interoperable instant messaging (IM) networks, AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, and ICQ — and also to share contact lists from all four services to whatever extent desired.

VoIP connectivity is provided through the worldwide Free World Dialup/FWD Communications network, extended by its over 80 peering agreements with other VoIP providers worldwide. An important addition was made this week by the finalization of a peering arrangement with Skype.

In keeping with its leading edge mission, the pulver.Communicator uses SIP to establish connect-via-hyperlink individual or on-the-fly-conference calls with SIP-enabled contacts. These calls simultaneously support both voice and Instant Messaging. Non-SIP enabled contacts can be sent a Call-Me Link that enables an immediate VoIP call-back to the sender via FWD Communication’s FWDTalk service.

Two-way webcam video calling is also a standard feature enhanced by the pulver.Communicator’s ease of use. Like all pulver.Communicator services, it also draws on the built-in social networking capacity of being able to share contact or buddy lists at will, completely or to whatever extent desired, right from within the software.

Since its official launch in October, 2004, pulver.Communicator has been downloaded more than 50,000 times around the world.

Corinex Introduces First Internet Video Phone for Under $99

November 16, 2004


corinexThe Corinex Internet VideoPhone delivers quality audio and video with speeds of up to 30 frames per second in an attractive compact design.

Corinex Communications Corp announced the immediate availability of its Internet VideoPhone with NAT Firewall support, the industry’s first implementation of MPEG4 in an IP video SoftPhone, and SIP support to ensure operation in any environment.

With minimal bandwidth requirements, at 128 kbps, the phone is capable of one-click videoconferencing with the included high-quality 320k pixel VGA CMOS sensor.

The VideoPhone’s software is customizable for users and operators, and has built-in support for several free service providers including AddaVoice, Free World Dialup, VoipTalk, SIP Phone and Ecuity. It is also compatible with all major VoIP providers.

Corinex’ focus is on networking products that transmit data over a premise’s already-existing cable infrastructure (electrical, coaxial and phone lines), and via wireless connections. It has a 48% share in the HomePlug (powerline networking) market, and its products are well-suited to the SOHO, enterprise, education, government, hospital, and hotel markets.