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CIRPACK VoIP Switching Platform to be Deployed in Denmark

January 19, 2005


The second largest DSL operator in Denmark will use Cirpack switches and IBM technology to deliver VoIP services to residential and business customers.

CIRPACK, SA announced that its Carrier-Class SoftSwitch and PSTN Gateways based on IBM eServer xSeries technology have been selected by Cybercity, the second largest broadband service provider in Denmark, to deliver VoIP managed telephony services over DSL to residential and business customers in Denmark.

Cybercity has deployed the Cirpack MultiNode with maintenance services delivered through IBM Global Services. The Cirpack MultiNode is made of a Class-5 and Class-4 softswitch running on IBM eServer xSeries and media gateways connecting IP, ATM and TDM networks together, and scales to the hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

It enables low cost deployments of toll-grade VoIP and VoATM services on a very large scale while maintaining existing POTS and ISDN services, and connects to the PSTN using all flavors of SS7.

Today, Cybercity holds a share of over 8% in the retail market and 20% in the corporate market for integrated broadband solutions. It expects to continue to grow its shares in the Danish VoIP market in 2005 based on these technologies.

Net2Phone Local Number Availability Exceeds 80% of US, Also Offers Canada and UK

December 29, 2004


net2phoneLocal phone numbers in more than 80% of the United States, as well as numbers in cities across Canada and local toll-free numbers in the UK, are now available to VoIP service providers worldwide from Net2Phone.

Net2Phone (NASDAQ:NTOP) today announced that the reach of its US local phone number inventory now exceeds 80% of the US, and that it now offers phone numbers in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, and Hamilton in Canada, and toll free numbers in the United Kingdom, all for use anywhere in the world.

Net2Phone says it is the only provider of both SIP-based and DOCSIS-compliant VoIP solutions, with its SIP-based VoiceLine for DSL and DOCSIS-compliant CableLine for cable service providers. By supporting multiple platforms and architectures, Net2Phone can conform to any operator’s particular marketing, technical, financial and operational needs.

This expansion of number availability enhances service providers’ ability to deliver VoIP service in their regions with local phone numbers, as well as makes more options available to international service providers looking to offer a broader choice of phone numbers.

Net2Phone’s solutions embody features such as call waiting, caller ID and voicemail, and also seamlessly integrate front and back office systems and billing platforms into the operator’s infrastructure, enabling a unified bill for video, high-speed data, and voice services.

Champion Selects Level 3’s (3)-VoIP Enhanced for its GOLD Service

December 7, 2004


Level 3’s (3)VoIP Enhanced Local Service will support Champion’s GOLD Phone Service being sold nationwide through independent marketing representatives.

Champion Communications, an aggressive new entrant in the nationwide VoIP reseller market, has selected Level 3 Communications, Inc‘s (Nasdaq:LVLT) (3)VoIP Enhanced Local wholesale VoIP service to support its recently announced Champion GOLD residential local and long distance phone service.

Champion is headquartered in Greenville. SC, and sells nationwide through independent marketing representatives. It has also contracted with Level 3 for its (3)VoIP Local Inbound, and its (3)Voice Termination services for Champion GOLD.

Level 3’s VoIP services enable Champion to offer hosted VoIP solutions from which consumers can choose virtually ‘plug-and-play’ phone services, according to Champion. It sees Level 3 as the only VoIP nationwide carrier with sufficient capabilities to let Champion “rapidly, aggressively, and cost effectively enter” today’s VoIP market.

Champion is offering full-featured, low cost, high-quality, flat-rate local and long distance service including 911 and E911 to consumers. Users with high-speed Internet access, via cable or DSL, can make and receive calls using existing analog touchtone phones or digital IP phones, and can carry their phone numbers with them anywhere they have high-speed access.

Champion’s objective is to eliminate the need for customers to purchase traditional telephone service.

New Lucent Technology Lays Groundwork for VoIP-over-3G-Wireless

November 30, 2004


lucentLucent’s new high-speed downlink packet access technology will be deployed by Cingular Wireless, as a basis for future VoIP over 3G service, as part of its nationwide UMTS 3G rollout.

Lucent Technologies, Inc (NYSE:LU) today unveiled its High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) technology, software that will introduce ultra high-speed data capabilities to third-generation UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) networks. Cingular Wireless is including Lucent’s HSDPA in its nationwide UMTS deployment also announced today.

HSDPA will enable the fastest mobile high-speed data connections available – comparable to DSL or cable modem – on devices including 3G phones as well as laptop computers and PDAs equipped with specially designed wireless modem cards. Lucent is currently working with a variety of terminal partners to ensure the availability of HSDPA-capable devices.

Future upgrades of HSDPA will provide theoretical maximum peak data speeds of up to 14.4 Mbps, up from the 3.6 Mbps of today. The objective is to allow UMTS operators to support high-bandwidth data services such as DVD-quality streaming video, or fast downloads of very large files.

It will also enable operators to support up to six times more users than UMTS in the same spectrum, at substantially higher average data rates, maximizing the use of an operator’s available spectrum and laying the groundwork for operators to introduce VoIP over UMTS, and more advanced multimedia services.

VoIP over 3G gives operators the ability to support a greater number of voice users at a lower cost, in turn helping to ensure that voice can continue to be delivered profitably in the context of ever-declining rates chargeable for voice service.

HSDPA is a standardized upgrade of UMTS, also known as Wideband-CDMA, developed by 3GPP (the 3G Partnership Project), an industry body that is responsible for the establishment of standards for 3G UMTS networks. HSDPA is part of a series of upgrades collectively known as UMTS Release 5.

Westell Signs New DSL Modem Agreement with BellSouth

November 15, 2004


BellSouth will begin shipment of Westell’s ProLine remotely-manageable high-speed broadband DSL modem to its BellSouth FastAccess DSL subscribers beginning in December 2004.

Westell Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ:WSTL) announced today a new broadband supplier contract award from BellSouth (NYSE:BLS) under which Westell extends the supplier relationship that has been in place for several years. Westell has supported the growth of BellSouth’s FastAccess DSL service to more than 1.8 million customers as BellSouth’s primary CPE supplier since 2002.

Currently, BellSouth offers BellSouth FastAccess DSL for both consumer and business customers featuring a variety of speeds, with a fastest mass market service having downstream connection speeds of up to 3.0Mbps. Westell’s ProLine is based on Texas Instruments’ AR7 chip designed to support ADSL2+, which enables higher-bandwidth applications such as multiple real-time video streams and video on demand.

ProLine is based on the DSL Forum’s Technical Report TR-069 specification enabling remote management of the modem. It is designed to reduce service providers’ operating costs associated with truck rolls and service center agents’ talk time because of its remote manageability and software upgradeability.