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Telco Systems Partners with Phillips to Sell Carrier-Class IP Systems to ILECs

November 26, 2004


telcosystemsTelco Systems announced a distribution agreement with Phillips Communications & Equipment Company to deliver carrier-class copper and fiber-based transport and access equipment to the ILEC market.

Telco Systems, Inc is securing an early position in the move by ILECs (Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers) to deliver fiber services directly to end user customers by signing an agreement with Phillips Communications & Equipment Co, which will distribute Telco Systems’ end-to-end active Ethernet FTTx (Fiber-To-The-Home/Curb/Business) family of carrier-class IP aggregation and core routing switching platforms and VoIP media gateways nationwide.

Phillips will be offering Telco Systems’ VoIP, fiber-to-the-home/business and multi-service solutions, comprising its Access211 and 201, EdgeGate CPE and IP Switch platforms for VoIP and FTTx; as well as its multi-service EdgeLink OTM1000, EdgeLink Hub, and EdgeLink100 family of products which provide DS1, DS3, and Ethernet service delivery.

The Telco Systems FTTx end-to-end solution enables a service provider to connect end-users over fiber from their home or office throughout a community, metro area, campus environment, multi-dwelling unit or multi-tenant unit to an IP backbone and deliver VoIP Internet voice service, video, data and broadband Internet access. The company’s Access211 and Access 201 VoIP gateway connects to either a DSL or cable modem to enable service providers to offer VoIP service over a high-speed Internet connection.

Phillips Communications & Equipment Co was established in 1979 to decommission central offices and to restore and resell the equipment, but has since transitioned to become a distributor of new, and used central office and transmission equipment to the ILECs.

Telco Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of BATM Advanced Communications (London stock exchange ticker symbol: BVC) focuses on integrating transport, access, and packet technologies onto carrier-class IP packet-based platforms, such as high-capacity, self-routing switches with extensive QoS (Quality of Service).

CableLabs Proposes Further CPE Integration

November 11, 2004


CableLabs is proposing a standards-based single-box customer premise solution that incorporates PacketCable, DOCSIS and VoIP.

CableLabs (Cable Television Laboratories, Inc), the nonprofit research and development consortium of the cable television industry, has issued an RFI (Request for Information) seeking an Integrated DOCSIS Access Device (IDAD) that will further integrate cable operators’ underlying technologies, allowing them to more effectively offer voice and data services to business and commercial customers.

For several years, cable television operators have been transitioning from their traditional delivery of entertainment programming to a position as full-service providers of video, voice, and data telecommunications services. DOCSIS cable modems and headend devices that enable the delivery of high speed data, digital television, and VoIP, are among the fundamental elements making this transition possible.

The RFI seeks a multifunction device for the customer premise end that integrates structured and unstructured T1 and related services as well as client interfaces ranging from traditional DS0-level FXS services to fully functional DS1 interfaces to 100 Base T. The DS1 emulation would be via IP, over DOCSIS. Some more sophisticated implementations would also take advantage of voice compression and dynamic bandwidth allocation between data applications and voice usage.

While IDADs are expected to be particularly attractive in VoIP networks, some operators may also desire the IDAD to function as a transport media for Primary Rate ISDN or DS1 trunks to a class 5 circuit switch, or for Frame Relay, cellular cackhaul, SS7 links, etc, CableLabs says. Finally, since this device also provides data services to a small business customer, some advanced data switching capability might be desirable.

RFI responses are due January 14, 2005.