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Eicon Networks Joins Nuance Partner Program

May 20, 2004


Eicon Networks Corporation announced today that it has joined the Nuance Partner Alliance Program as a Technology Partner.

London – May 19, 2004 — Eicon Networks Corporation, a global provider of communication products for networked business applications, announced today that it has joined the Nuance Partner Alliance Program as a Technology Partner. Nuance’s (NASDAQ: NUAN) partner program includes a global network of interactive voice response (IVR) platform providers, systems integrators, telephony hardware companies and voice application service providers that deliver world-class speech solutions covering a broad range of applications and industries.

As a Nuance technology partner, Eicon designs and markets the Diva™ Server V-Series line of products to the communications industry through its distributors and resellers. The powerful hardware architecture and rich media processing features of the Diva Server V-Series boards allow companies to develop and deploy voice, speech and conferencing applications which deliver enhanced performance, greater accuracy and reduced costs.

“Working with leading technology providers such as Eicon is key to our ability to deliver world-class speech solutions to a broad range of industries,” said Kevin Kew, vice president, business development for Nuance. “We welcome Eicon to our Partner Alliance Program. Through our cooperative efforts, we will enable the adoption of voice technologies in the business marketplace.”

“We are excited to partner with a leading voice solutions provider such as Nuance,said Kip Heuertz, Vice President of Product Marketing for Eicon. “Through our partnership, we will continue to expand our focus on providing high quality voice communication solutions which have a reputation of being easier to support by corporations, integrators and resellers.”

Eicon Launches The Diva Server V-Series Family

March 22, 2004


New adapters enable powerful solutions for voice, speech and conferencing.


MONTREAL, March 18, 2004 — Eicon Networks Corporation, a global leader in providing reliable communication products for networked business applications, today announced the launch of the Diva Server V-Series family of adapters for voice, speech and conferencing applications. The new family is a dedicated range of intelligent adapters for real-time voice processing that integrates with applications to deliver high performance, rich functionality and cost savings.

The Diva Server V-Series adapters are fully scalable with versions for E1, T1 and ISDN Primary Rate along with multiple and single ISDN Basic Rate allowing a mix of 4 adapters to be combined in a single server delivering up to 120 communication channels for continuous voice and speech processing. With industry standard PCI-X and PCI 2.2 compatibility through 3.3V and 66MHz bus speeds, users can install the most up to date servers to get the full value from their applications.

The family provides a full set of voice processing functions including tone detection and generation, voice activity detection and echo cancellation. Handling voice either in PSTN standard coding or in compressed coding allows adaptation to any kind of telephony system. Onboard powerful Digital Signaling Processors (DSPs), one dedicated to each communication channel, perform these complex operations in real-time enhancing overall system performance and lowering implementation cost.

The Diva Server V-Series supports Generic Tone Detection and Generation capabilities to give greater flexibility in adapting to global call signaling standards. With the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) feature, voice quality and maximum size of conferences is substantially improved, allowing for up to sixty parties in a single conference. Furthermore, to enable PBX integration also includes ETSI DSS-1 and Q-SIG signaling parameters.

Also announced today, the Diva Server Software Suite 7.0 enables support for the new Diva Server V-Series adapters. Diva Server Software Suite 7.0 supports all of the most recent Microsoft Server systems, including Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, as well as Windows NT. The Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003 driver included in the Diva™ Server Software Suite 7.0 is signed and certified by Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL), easing hardware installation.

The Diva Server V-Series can be ordered now using the part codes below:


306-214 Diva Server V-PRI/E1-30

306-213 Diva Server V-PRI/T1-24

306-218 Diva Server V-4BRI

306-219 Diva Server V-BRI