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MeetingServer is key to BBCOM’s conferencing service

May 20, 2004


BBCOM and Data Connection today announced that BBCOM will soon deploy Data Connection’s MeetingServer web conferencing solution.

London, UK: May 20, 2004. BBCOM and Data Connection today announced that BBCOM will soon deploy Data Connection’s Meeting Server web conferencing solution. BBCOM will integrate MeetingServer with its low-cost audio conferencing to provide a BBCOM-branded service, as well as private-label conferencing for its wholesale and enterprise customer channels. This illustrates a new trend amongst innovative network service providers like BBCOM, to use value-add applications on top of their traditional portfolio to generate revenue opportunities for themselves, and provide powerful new features for their customers.

“BBCOM has its roots in supplying bandwidth and telephony services, but it has recognized a substantial business opportunity in offering applications like integrated audio and web conferencing on top of its existing network infrastructure,”explained Phil McConnell, CEO of Data Connection. “As a low cost facilities-based provider, BBCOM is in a good position to take advantage of the increasing demand for best-of-breed conferencing services at truly competitive prices.”

BBCOM was careful to pick a solution that will expand with their conferencing business. “We spent six months closely evaluating and testing products from a list of prestigious domestic and international vendors,” said Larry Anthony, Senior Vice President of Business Development. “We need a robust web conferencing solution capable of supporting millions of monthly end-user minutes. We found the ideal offering with Data Connection’s product.”

The flexibility of the solution was also an important factor in choosing a supplier. The MeetingServer interface is easily customizable for rebranding. “In MeetingServer, we have a fully-featured conferencing service that can be tailored to fit a wide range of specific requirements,” said Anthony. “We’ll use it for BBCOM’s Total Collaborationsm branded service, as well as a private-label conference product offering for our large corporate customers. MeetingServer gives us the features and adaptability we need in the competitive field of web conferencing services.”

Data Connection releases MeetingServer v2.1 web conferencing solution

January 28, 2004


Data Connection releases MeetingServer v2.1 – the web conferencing solution for Service Providers


London, UK: January 23, 2004. Data Connection today announced the latest version of its MeetingServer web conferencing solution. MeetingServer gives Service Providers the capability to host their own self-branded web conferencing service, rather than reselling the services of a third-party provider, and is the result of Data Connection’s 10 years of experience at the heart of the conferencing industry.

“Service Providers – whether they are Audio Conferencing SPs, Enterprise Portal providers, general ISPs, or even ILECs and CLECs – desperately need to increase the value of their hosted service offerings,” said Graeme MacArthur, General Manager of Data Connection’s Internet Applications Group. “Web conferencing is an ideal way of doing this, but many SPs worry about the resource costs and time-to-market of deploying an in-house solution. MeetingServer is aimed squarely at addressing those concerns – by providing a high quality, competitive solution, packaged for rapid and easy customization and deployment, supported by an outstanding engineering team with a world-class reputation.”

Frank J. Michela, Vice President at Connect-Us, backs up these claims. “We wanted a web conferencing solution that we could host and manage ourselves, with our own branding and look-and-feel. MeetingServer gives us exactly what we were looking for, and the new V2.1 release will provide our end users with some great new services.”

MeetingServer provides highly featured, reliable conferencing capabilities for both small and large conferences. Its intuitive GUI, which has received praise throughout the industry for its simplicity and ease of use, presents access to a complete range of conferencing and application sharing capabilities, and with this latest release now includes voting and polling functions and high-performance presentation up/download. It is easily integrated with audio bridges, and the UI is fully customizable to allow rebranding.

Gary Anderson, President and CEO of Netbriefings, confirms that integration is straightforward. “Data Connection has been great to work with. Integrating MeetingServer with our existing meeting management software has been easy, and Data Connection’s superb support team has been very responsive in giving us all the help we need.”

MeetingServer uses a reservationless scheduling model, where participants are invited to the meeting using a simple click-to-invite function. This increases user take-up, because conferences can easily be set up on-demand without requiring pre-configuration.

Several other Service Providers, including British Telecom, have already licensed MeetingServer technology. It is also OEMed by equipment vendors and conferencing providers including Latitude Communications (now owned by Cisco), Spectel and Documentum.