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EyeBill VoIP Billing for Turkey

November 16, 2004


EyeBill Interactive will deliver a hosted billing solution to Turkish alternative telecoms through a partnership with Turkish system integrator Probil.

EyeBill Interactive, Inc is offering the new enhanced version of its billing software, EyeBill v.3.2, with the option to host the billing solution on annual basis and special credit terms, for the emerging VoIP businesses in Turkey.

This hosting opportunity available from Probil offers an important cost advantage to smaller competitive telecoms, who tend otherwise to get squeezed out between the large ISPs and the ILEC, Turk Telecom.

EyeBill v.3.2 features new accounting and invoicing, new users rights, and improved reporting and client management functions. The partnership with Probil offers the advantages of a high-quality billing platform with reliable local service, and optional integration with a CRM system.

EyeBill specializes in telecom billing and customer care solutions for incumbent telecoms, emerging carriers, VoIP calling card operators and ISPs. Established in 2000 as a joint venture, it has expanded to cover all VoIP business models – corporate, residential, prepaid, postpaid, calling cards, call shop and wholesale.