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UT Starcom IP-DSLAM Deal for India Net Backbone

February 24, 2005

utstarcomCompany signs expansion contract for 75,000 ports of IP-DSLAM platforms and related equipment in India.

UTStarcom, Inc (NASDAQ:UTSI) today announced that its AN-2000 B820 and AN-2000 B100 IP-DSLAMs will continue to support Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.’s National Internet Backbone project in its second phase.

This contract extends the initial $9.2 million contract signed with BSNL in August 2004. BSNL is the incumbent and largest telecommunications services provider in India, with a presence in the fixed-line, cellular mobile, long distance and data markets.

UTStarcom’s IP-DSLAM solution will enable BSNL to offer new broadband-based triple play services, such as high-speed Internet access, interactive gaming and multimedia entertainment services like video on demand to its customers.

BSNL’s National Internet Backbone is a TCP/IP-based network currently comprising around 400 nodes distributed across India and supporting over one million subscribers — of a total five million Internet subscribers in a country of over one billion people — with PSTN and ISDN Internet Access Services.

The second phase of the project includes rollout of a broadband access network across 198 cities in India to provide reliable high-speed Internet connectivity and other value-added services and applications.

HomePlug Broadband-Over-Powerline Specification Taking Shape

February 4, 2005


homeplugStudy by ISPs, utilities, and semiconductor and consumer electronics retailers and manufacturers zeroes in on HomePlug AV components to underly the BPL spec.

The HomePlug Powerline Alliance announced the selection of the so-called MAC and PHY technologies of HomePlug AV to become the baseline technology for its long-awaited BPL specification.

HomePlug AV is a 200 Mbps powerline networking technology designed specifically to meet the needs of digital multimedia networks in the home. It was developed through competitive testing of powerline technologies submitted by companies from around the world.

After lab tests and field trials, HomePlug combined the best technologies, from Arkados, Conexant Systems, Intellon Corp, and Sharp, into the HomePlug AV specification, which is being finalized for expected release this quarter.

By selecting the MAC and PHY components of HomePlug AV for HomePlug BPL, there are many technical advantages from which the Alliance expects to speed finalization of the HomePlug BPL standard.

Having a single MAC and PHY technology for both to-the-home and in-home powerline applications also provides the ease-of-use and interoperability that are essential for HomePlug BPL to make any inroads into the provision of broadband to consumers and business.

Viper to Launch Free VoIP Test Drive on Google

December 1, 2004


Free vPhone Dialer software and free Viper Networks account to be offered in a promotional agreement with Google.

Viper Networks, Inc (OTC:VPER) announced today the launch of a promotion of its VoIP calling service on Google as a way to introduce it to a large worldwide audience base.

The promotion involves a free download of dialer software, plus a service account with Viper, to which users can add funds on a pay-as-you-go basis. The company hopes for follow-on sales after the free service period ends, and sees the promotion also as a way to generate traffic minutes on its network.

Viper has built a worldwide IP-PSTN network designed to support IP calling over both broadband and dialup at substantially discounted prices over conventional long distance. It has been a public company since 2003.

Avonline picks Encore For Satellite VPN Solutions

August 16, 2004


Avonline PLC Selects Encore Networks To Deliver End-To-End Satellite Broadband VPN Solutions Throughout The United Kingdom And Continental Europe Avonline PLC To Offer Encore’s VSR-30™ and the BANDIT™ Line Of Security Products With Enhanced VPN Capabilities For Satellite Networks

Dulles, VA August 10, 2004 – Encore Networks, a leading developer of secure converged broadband solutions over satellite, terrestrial, and hybrid IP networks, today announced that Avonline PLC, one of the United Kingdoms leading network, telecommunications and installation companies, has selected Encore’s complete line of BANDIT™ security appliances and the VSR-30™ Virtual Private Network (VPN) router for their enterprise satellite network solutions. Avonline will sell, install and service Encore’s product line to provide end-to-end, broadband IP VPN solutions across both satellite and terrestrial networks.

Avonline PLC delivers complete, end-to-end, turnkey networks with a focus on satellite and wireless broadband solutions, connecting more than 350 businesses including Gwent NHS (outdoor wireless LAN), London Stock Exchange (VPN satellite), Sony Europe (VPN satellite), Merrill Lynch (VPN satellite) and Toshiba (indoor wireless LAN and satellite). Strategically located throughout the UK and Continental Europe, Avonline directly employs an impressive range of skills through a 650 strong team.

“For more than 22 years Avonline has built a solid reputation for providing innovative converged satellite VPN services for remote to corporate office connectivity for applications like HTTP, File transfer, email and dBase integration,”said Simon Reeves, Encore Networks Director of European Sales. “Customers like BT, Telewest, ntl, BSkyB, Fujitsu, Easynet and Marconi trust Avonline with their most valuable commercial assets their network infrastructure, their equipment and their end customers.”

Encore’s VSR-30ä is a purpose-built VPN router that works across multi-vendor satellite networks and solves the issues of performance degradation associated with running IPsec over satellite networks. The BANDIT™ enables satellite users, requiring secure access, to realize the full potential of their limited satellite bandwidth without the performance degradation associated with other off-the-shelf IPsec VPN products. Through the use of Selective Layer Encryption (SLE), Encore Networks can provide channel efficient VPN solutions across Performance Enhancement

“Encore’s VPN technology is compatible with all currently deployed standards based IPsec VPN devices using the Avonline Sat 500 to Sat 1000 Pro Gilat 360e satellite modems,” stated Tony Waters, Avonline Head of Telecoms. “Encore also provides converged solutions for legacy data applications, allowing customers to secure and link non-IP based terminals, legacy networks and devices to secure broadband IP satellite networks.”