Making the Switch: VoIP for Small Businesses

A small business owner has to find ways to save money to compete with today’s large corporations. Switching to VoIP services is one way to do such. Voice over Internet Protocol service is popular among businesses and personal users because of its affordability and convenience. Dozens of companies offer VoIP services for small business owners. The best aspect of VoIP for small businesses is that it usually comes with a ton of beneficial services. Small businesses can take advantage of services such as:

Conference Calling

Conference calling can aid a company in several areas because it gives people the opportunity to speak to each other from different areas. Many businesses use conference calling to connect salespersons and their managers. They may have weekly meetings to discuss goals and strategies. The feature provides an easy way for company representatives to stay in touch.

Text Messaging

Text messaging is quite helpful for small business owners because it allows them to get short messages across to business associates and employees. Text messaging usually comes with modern VoIP plans for small businesses.

HD Video Messaging

High-definition video messaging is a feature that is becoming increasingly popular in small businesses. It’s a step above conference calling, as it gives members the opportunity to speak with each other face-to-face in video. High-definition video messaging brings clarity and personality to the table for businesses.

Additional Features

Some of the top VoIP providers offer packages that have more than 40 features with them. Just a few of the features that the packages have are voicemail, unlimited calling, faxing, call screening and auto attendant. Auto attendant is an amazing feature of a small business because it can handle some of the calls that come in from customers

Top Business VoIP Providers
Dozens of companies offer VoIP services to businesses and personal users. Some of the top providers include Ring Central, Corvisa, Vonage, Jive and Mitel. An interested business owner should search for the best provider by using a comparison chart. Comparison charts display the most crucial elements such as pricing, features, setup fees and consumer reviews. Some of the top providers offer trials that last for up to 30 days. The prices range from $4.99 a month to as much as $20 a month.

Business leaders can enhance their productivity by looking into a business VoIP plan today. They can save hundreds of dollars a month by doing so.

How to Choose the Perfect VoIP Provider

A multitude of VoIP providers exists in the world, which makes choosing the right provider a challenge. One thing that is certain is that every person can benefit from replacing a traditional or old-fashioned plan with VoIP services. Businesses can provide services for their customers efficiently, and personal telephone users can experience the pleasure of getting high-quality service for much less than they are used to paying. Choosing the right provider is the key to success. A consumer will want to review the following information before selecting a VoIP provider:

Consumer Rankings

Consumer rankings are extremely important when it comes to choosing a VoIP provider. Consumers usually leave comments and ratings when they feel strongly about a product or service. A prospective VoIP customer will want to observe the star-rating of each provider that he or she considers. Additionally, the person will want to read reviews to see the positive and negative aspects of that company’s services. Four or five stars usually signify the highest rating. The consumer will want to find VoIP providers in that class.

Company Background

A prospective customer will always want to read about the company that offers the services. The person should check to see how long the company has been in business, and he or she should review also the company’s mission statement. A longstanding company is most likely a trustworthy company.


Pricing is a highly important feature to observe before signing up for a VoIP plan. VoIP plans are much less expensive than wireless plans or landline plans are. However, the consumer will still want to locate a plan that fits perfectly into his or her budget.

Advanced Features and Benefits

Advanced features and benefits are important when choosing a VoIP plan. A consumer will want to choose a plan that offers advanced features that can benefit business owners and personal users. Examples of some features that a VoIP plan may have are video conferencing, fax, texting, tech support, mobile apps and 24-hour customer service.

Trial Period Offers

Finally, the prospective customer will want to consider the trial period offer. VoIP providers offer their customers trial periods that are between seven days and 30 days long. The consumers can review the features and quality and decide whether the product is a good fit during that time.

A consumer will find the perfect VoIP package by remaining calm and examining the previously mentioned aspects.

First Time Users: What to look for in a VOIP Provider

Voice over Internet protocol services are taking over the telecommunications industry. Consumers are starting to migrate to VoIP services because of their flexibility and savings. Some consumers have been hesitant to make the switch, but they will most likely change their minds once they try services from a reliable provider. The following are some tips for first-time users on finding a good VoIP provider:

Consider the Budget and the Project

The first thing the consumer will want to think about is the budget. How much does that person have to spend on VoIP services every month? How much can the company spare from its budget? Next, the person will want to consider the tasks at hand. It the consumer just looking for a supplemental product, or is the VoIP application going to play an integral part in business operations?

Think of the Features That You May Want

Features are the second most important factor to consider. Examples of some of the features that one may need are call conferencing, video calling, call forwarding, call waiting, auto attendant, call barring and the like. Some companies are more generous with their features than others are. The consumer will want to create a list so that he or she does not miss anything important during the search for the right provider.

Use a Comparison Tool

A comparison tool can be an excellent tool for finding the right provider of VoIP services. A comparison tool lays everything out nicely so that a consumer can see the difference between top providers. The tool will show the prospective customer information such as pricing, features, star ratings and more.

Try Free Trial Offers

Many VoIP providers have free trial periods during which their consumers can evaluate their services. A typical trial period may be seven days or up to 30 days. Some trials are limited in that they restrict some of the features of the full versions. Other trial offers allow the consumer to have full access to the services.

Read Consumer Reviews

Lastly, an interested person will want to read consumer reviews. Consumer reviews will give a person a good idea of how reliable a provider is. He or she can make an educated and informed decision on VoIP services at that time.

Consumer and business owners can save hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars per year by using VoIP services.

How to Pick a Reliable VoIP Provider

More than 158 million people use voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services. Business and individual consumers appreciate VoIP services for a wide variety of reasons, but cost-effectiveness is the most prevalent reason. A consumer should search for certain criteria before committing to a new VoIP provider. The following are some areas that a person will want to look at:

Call Quality

Call quality is perhaps the most important aspect of finding a reliable VoIP provider. A high-quality VoIP call should have pin-drop quality. One can test the quality of a call by sampling the VoIP services. A good 30-minute conversation should give the person an idea about the call quality. Former and current customers may offer some input on call quality, as well.


The features are the second most important aspect to search for in a VoIP provider. VoIP providers offer a multitude of features for individuals and businesses. Some of the most common features are call waiting, conference call, sms, voicemail, call block, auto attendant, call screening, call transfer, call waiting, caller ID, call monitoring and many more. The prospective customer will want to write down a list of features that he or she needed then look for a provider that offers it.

Consumer Rankings

Consumer rankings can say a great deal about a prospective VoIP provider. A consumer can find rankings online, and they will tell stories about some people’s experiences with call quality, features, pricing, customer service and more. Rankings usually have commentary and a star rating. The star rating system usually consists of one to five stars. A three-star company is an average company. The consumer will want to go for a company that has more than three stars to receive optimum results.


Pricing is the last thing the person will want to do. The pricing varies from provider to provider, but VoIP services are usually much lower than other provider types are. Consumers can sometimes fall upon a free trial offer. The trial offer may be as low as seven days or as long as 30 days. Some trial offers require the consumer to enter a credit card number, and other trial offers do not. The consumer will be able to make a sound decision by the time the trial offer ends.

A consumer can stay with the right VoIP provider for years and never have any problems. VoIP services work on a multitude of devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets and cell phones.

Free VoIP Trial Offers

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP services, are sweeping the nation as one of the fastest growing telecommunications products. Consumers appreciate VoIP services because of their versatility, portability and low cost. Many VoIP providers offer free trials of their services so that consumers can decide if they want to switch. The following are three companies that an interested person can try:


Vbuzzer is a VoIP program that has a great deal to offer consumers who have high-speed Internet access and a phone. The Vbuzzer adapter comes with the package. The free trial offer provides customers with one full month of calling. After the month of calling, they can choose from one of the amazing plans that Vbuzzer has to offer. The Go America plan is $8.99 a month and includes 60 Vbuzzer minutes per month, and the Go Canada plan is $5.99 a month and includes 60 minutes of calling per month.

Ring Central

Ring Central is another popular voice provider that offers a free trial of its services. Ring Central offers a 30-day trial of one of its three plans. The Standard plan contains 1,000 toll-free minutes and additional features such as call log reports, inbound caller ID, U.S.-based customer support and more. The Premium plan offers 2,500 toll-free minutes and some additional features such as integration with sales text, HD Voice and automatic call recording. The Enterprise plan provides 10,000 minutes worth of voice calls and features such as voicemail to text and multi-level auto attendant.

Line 2

Line 2 offers the consumer a free business line or personal VoIP line for up to seven days. The consumer will have to choose from two plans when the free trial ends. The $9.95 plan is a monthly plan that includes unlimited inbound calling and up to 500 minutes of outbound calls to US and Canada phone numbers. The $14.95 plan is a monthly plan that includes unlimited calling and a wealth of additional features such as call forwarding, toll-free number, multiple lines and auto attendant. The $14.95 plan is the best plan for a business customer.

VoIP plans come with a wide variety of features that come with expensive telecommunications services. One of the best features of VoIP plans is that consumers can use them with a number of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, laptops and desktop units.

Pointers for Choosing the Right VoIP Service

When Voice Over Internet Protocol service emerged in 1995, the choices of providers were limited, as were the features. Nowadays, many providers offer VoIP services, and many of them have the crucial features that homeowners and business owners need. Making a choice to try a specific provider can be difficult, but the following information should help the interested consumer or business owner:

What Is the Budget?

The first step in the process of choosing VoIP service is deciding on a personal or company budget. The interested person can choose a plan based on the amount of money that he or she is willing to spend every month. VoIP packages can provide a user with as much as an 80 percent deduction from a non-VoIP regular or business telephone plan. Any VoIP plan will be significantly less expensive than a different type of service is, but writing down the budget can keep expenses to a minimum.

What Volume Is Necessary?

The prospective customer will want to ask himself or herself whether the communications will be high volume or low volume. Some VoIP providers operate in the cloud, and they have a greater capacity than other providers have. A business establishment will want to enroll in a plan that has a high call volume capacity. Vonage is an example of a VoIP provider that uses the cloud to support its services to its customers. The company boasts that it provides businesses with reliable, affordable and plentiful services that can help their customer base grow for years.

Contract or No-Contract

The interested person will want to decide whether he or she desires a contract. Contracted service may provide special benefits such as a long-term super low cost, free equipment or something else. No-contract service provides the customer with the freedom to leave the company any time he or she wishes.

What Features Are Most Important?

Finally, the prospective customer will want to make a list of the features that are most important for his or her business or personal preferences. Examples of features that a person may want with a VoIP plan are call conferencing, call screening, call forwarding, caller ID and call waiting.

Finally, the prospective customer will want to use a comparison tool that can neatly display different VoIP providers next to each other so he or she can choose the one that best suits desires.

UK VoIP Provider Sets the Standard for Small Businesses

A small business in the UK needs to conduct business with a VoIP provider that is affordable, reliable and honesty. The business will want to see proof of the provider’s integrity. One way a business owner can recognize an honorable VoIP provider is its accolades. The Voipfone company has won quite a few awards over the years. 

About Voipfone

Voipfone is a company that was founded in 2004 to bring comfort and ease to UK residents. The company has a long list of VoIP services that can fit UK business owners with any size business.

Products and Services

Voipfone does not slack on its service offering. The company offers individuals and businesses just about every service or product that it can think of. The company offers PBX and switchboard services to people who will be communicating with customers frequently. The PBX and switchboard features include features such as call queueing, emergency service access, virtual switchboard, PBX call groups and the like. The company’s SMS services include services such as text messaging and SMS callback. Customers can use the SMS services on Android devices as well as iPhone units.

Awards and Accolades

One thing that the Voipfone has that other companies do not have is a bunch of accolades and awards. The company won an award for being the best VoIP provider in 2013. The ITSPA organization issued that award. Another amazing award that Voipfone won is the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Prestige. Not many business awards are that elaborate. The Queen’s Award establishes the company as having a high level of professionalism and integrity. Professionalism and integrity are two of the most important qualities that businesses need to have.

The company won the Best Internet Telephony Award in 2012. In 2009, Voipfone won the Best Business VoIP Provider Award. Voipfone received some substantial nominations for awards, as well. The company was nominated for the Beset Consumer VoIP Award in 2010. Furthermore, Voipfone was shortlisted into the list of entries at the National eWell-Being Awards.

Persons who are interested in securing VoIP services can complete an online form or call the main number Monday through Friday. A Friendly representative will return the contact and help the consumer to discover the best package for his or her needs. The person will go through the various packages and find something that fits the size of the business in question.

Spring 2015: Choosing a Good VoIP Provider

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol telecommunications products are becoming increasingly popular in all areas of the world. The VoIP services came into existence in the 80s, and it has since then been growing into one of the most widely used alternatives to traditional landline service. More than 100 VoIP providers exist. Therefore, finding the right provider requires careful consideration and study. The following are some tips that can help a consumer to find the best VoIP Provider to meet his or her needs:

Creating a Budget

The first objective that a consumer should review is the money saving objective. A good VoIP plan can help a consumer to obtain huge savings. The average landline service costs approximately $40 a month. Wireless service can cost anywhere from $50 a month to over $100 a month. Even DSL services are more expensive than VoIP services are. The consumer should think of a spending budget that can save the most money in the household. Committing to spending no more than $20 a month, for instance, is a good start. Some VoIP plans are as low as $6 a month.

Features and Benefits

Next, the consumer will want to decide which benefits will work best for him or her. Examples of some features that one will find in a VoIP plan are caller ID, call screening, call block, voicemail, call conference, call routing and more. The consumer should create a list of features that he or she would like to have before setting out on a journey to find the right provider. Creating a list beforehand will cut down qualification time.

Trial Offers

Trial offers are a great way to test the quality of VoIP services. Some providers offer trial periods of up to 30 days, while others give their customers seven days. A trial offer may involve submission of a credit card number.

Consumer Reviews

Finally, a prospective customer should read consumer reviews. Consumer reviews give people insight to other peoples’ experiences with call quality, pricing and customer service. A new customer should choose the company that has the most praise or the highest star rating because it will most likely have the most integrity. During a trial offer, a customer can choose to discontinue services and not advance to the paying stage. Examples of some of the top VoIP providers are RingCentral, Basic Talk, Vonage, Jive Phone Power and ITP.

Mobile Technology and Today’s Children

In this age of technology, children are starting to request technological devices as their birthday and holiday gifts. Tablets are extremely popular because of their portability and design. Some parents may be a bit concerned about purchasing such a device for a child. Some parents may object to buying a tablet because of negative aspects such as device addiction. However, purchasing a tablet for a child has many positives. The following are three reasons that tablets can be good for a child and parent:

Access to Schoolwork

Many modern schools require their students to access the Internet to complete homework tasks. Such schools expect the parents to provide their children with computers. Therefore, a parent can purchase a tablet to satisfy the school’s requirements. Children can use tablets to perform their daily schoolwork with an Internet connection.

Free Educational Materials

Another positive aspect of tablet ownership is the seemingly endless amount of educational materials that the child can access. The Google Play store has thousands of applications that revolve around intellectual enrichment. Within minutes, a parent can download a fun learning application that the child can use to enhance his or her reading or mathematical skills.

Savings for the Parent

A tablet can be used for multiple purposes. A child can use it as a computer, a reader, a music player and a movie player. Additionally, the child can use it for playing video games. The parent will end up saving hundreds of dollars by purchasing an all-in-one device such as a tablet.

Types of Tablets

Several types of tablets exist. Deciding which one is best for a child will take careful consideration. The decision will depend on the child’s age, needs and usage. For example, a parent may want to purchase a learning tablet such as the Leapfrog 2 for a child who is very young. Learning tablets have limitations on them, and they are strictly for educational purposes.

A full-blown tablet is a device for an older child or a child who will want to access a smorgasbord of third-party applications. Parents have choices of Android devices, Windows-based tablets or iPads. Android tablets are the least expensive tablets, and they are highly versatile. The iPad devices are smooth and stable. Windows tablets are good because they work like a small PC. Parents can decide which devices best suit their households. A multitude of choices is available.

Top Three VoIP Providers for Home Users

VoIP services are becoming more popular every day for today’s consumers and small businesses. They provide the masses with affordable and portable telephone services that often have a wealth of features attached to them. Today’s VoIP services are sharper and crisper than earlier services were, which makes them strong competitors for other telecommunication types.

A prospective VOIP home user will want to consider factors such as cost, features, call quality and consumer ratings to find the best provider for his or her needs. The following is a list of three of the top VoIP providers for review:

Phone Power

Phone Power is on the list of top providers because it offers the consumer one of the least expensive monthly options on the market. Consumers can receive VoIP services for as little as $5.99 per month. Phone Power has a four-star consumer rating consisting of the opinions of more than 100 consumers. New customers can pay for one year of service and receive a second year of free services. Some of the features that the company offers are block list, enhanced 911 services and 60 minutes of free international calling. Phone Power provides a second line of service and a free adapter, as well.


VOIPo has a monthly fee that is slightly higher than Phone Power’s fee. However, VOIPo offers free calling to Canada and the United States. Customers can receive more than 40 VoIP features in their packages with no additional charges, as well. Furthermore, the service provides 60 minutes of International calling. Consumers who are searching for a deal that offers the most features for the cheapest price may want to consider VOIPo as their provider. Consumers with VOIPo service will be able to send and receive text messages and complete calls. The company offers a trustworthy money back guarantee, as well.


Consumers have been quite pleased with ITP’s VoIP services. The company has a rating of four stars from nearly 100 consumers. The company offers flexible monthly plans as well as two free months of service to consumers who sign up for the website. ITP offers fun features such as voicemail to email, three-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding, call hunt, anonymous call rejection, advanced call forwarding and more. New users will receive a free adapter from the company.

The aforementioned companies are only a few of the large amount of VoIP providers that exist in the nation. Interested parties can find additional providers that may offer features that they need.