Bad Connection: How to spot VOIP that doesn’t work

Anyone who has experience or knowledge of Voice Over Internet Protocol has no trouble singing its praise.

To be able to share information, make calls and do video chatting over an internet connection is just as remarkable as it sounds. From call quality to clarity, to security issues debunked to cost being a huge point of differentiation and benefit, you can’t argue that VOIP is the future of how we make calls and communicate.

But that doesn’t mean, like any product or service, that you don’t have a few VOIP service that simply aren’t going to cut it. Even if you’re not familiar with VOIP, you know names like Skype and Viber, which have seen great success as apps that allow you to keep in touch via calls and video chats through internet connections for little or no cost at all.

But some VOIP isn’t on that level, which obviously allows detractors of this technology to stand on their high horse for that much longer in order to tell you just how much VOIP is overblown and should be reconsidered as your means of communication.

For the most part, even the VOIP services that aren’t so great only have modest reasons for why you wouldn’t chose them. It’s not different than buying a vacuum cleaner or car. Inherently, they both get rid of dirt in your house and get you from point A to point B, but in both extreme cases, one product or company does it just a little better than another.

Google Talk comes to mind as being a really admirable VOIP service and works great with those of you who have Gmail. The price point for Google Talk is pretty high, however, and doesn’t work all that great with Apple devices. Compatibility is an issue.

And speaking of compatibility, Apple uses its FaceTime as a means to integrate video technology in the VOIP image, but again you can only use FaceTime, as most Apple users know, between two IOS and OS X devices.

And when deciding on a VOIP providers, make sure you get all the information you need before making a decision, such as ensuring your internet connection, router and such are capable of supporting a particular service. In deciding on a VOIP service, make sure they’re up front with you about what you’ll need to truly appreciate and be able to rely on what they’re offering.

VOIP is gaining popularity for its practicality and ease of use, but you still have to be wary of not the service itself but certainly red flags of what to look for an ultimately avoid in this spectrum of a savvy, smart technology that still has a few players that need benched.

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