Worth Wild: Is VOIP technology really worth investing in?

For some, VOIP, better known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, still is technology that haven’t tapped into yet, despite facts, figures and testimonials that would suggest you’re missing innovation at its finest.

VOIP essentially is receiving calls over the internet, rather than worrying about using the highly antiquated landline, a more traditional approach to calling.

But despite all the positives you hear, some still question VOIP for a number of reasons, starting with whether or not they have the bandwidth to pull off this type of technology.

Furthermore, do you concern yourself with hackers and identity theft, the same way you would when you broadcast over the internet when you’re online?

Another big concern is the reliability factor: what exactly happens when the internet isn’t working. Does the office or your home come to a standstill?
Those questions are more than just pertinent; they are the reason why VOIP still is met with relative concern by the masses.

Those will enjoy the benefit of VOIP sing its praises loudly and proudly, specifically the cost element involved and how much less expensive it is versus traditional means. Furthermore, services like Skype and Viber make falling in love with VOIP that much easier since they’ll allow you to have internet connection to carry on video calling to make anything from catching up with your family or holding a meeting that much easier.

The portability plus of VOIP makes it an easy sell for those who travel and have to conduct business at a moment’s notice.

While concerns about bandwidth and internet connections certainly are legitimate, you’d have to believe that someone would reassure themselves that they’ve subscribed to the type of technology and bandwidth strength they would need to have such as service. Someone who has a low grade internet connection should be smarter to invest in VOIP, knowing they’ll be sorely disappointed in the end.

If you’re not testing your internet speeds for VOIP, and you employ the service anyway, that’s more on an indictment on the user, not the technology.

For those skeptical of VOIP and what it can offer you personally and professionally, you’re most prudent move next is to try it. And while that sounds like a sales pitch, you might be surprised to see just how much it can change the landscape with something as simple as taking a call or complex as conducting a meeting to participants around the world.

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