Good VoIP News and Developments

VoIP products and services have been a huge part of our culture since it first entered the telecommunications industry back in 1995. Its developers have been working diligently to provide additional features, quality and affordability. Today VoIP is the preferred method of communications for many businesses and personal users. The following are three tidbits of information for people who have a current interest in the latest in VoIP and related technology:

VoIP Job Opportunities Are Expanding

VoIP jobs opportunities are still popping up all over the place. Residents who live in states such as Ohio, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California and Oregon have various opportunities within the VoIP field. One job that is available in VoIP world is “application tester. Another job that is available in the VoIP world is VoIP developer. Applicants can also obtain jobs as engineers, tech support specialists, help desk technicians and the like. The field of VoIP gives to society by adding jobs that its people can obtain for their livelihood. VoIP-related job positions have high annual rates. Some of the people on those jobs can earn as much as $60,000 per year or more.

Consumers Can Earn Free VoIP Use

VoIP consumers can earn free VoIP services by using one or several methods. One way that a person can get free VoIP time is by signing up for Bing Rewards and using the search engine. Bing is Microsoft’s search engine and Skype is Microsoft’s VoIP provider. Each time the consumer conducts a search on the Bing engine, the company rewards that person with points. Free Skype time is available for 90 points and more. Some consumers can earn VoIP time by watching videos through a service like PSTN.

Free Trials Still Rule

Free trials are still available through a number of VoIP providers. The names of some of the top VoIP providers in the industry are names such as RingCentral,, Broadvoice, Vonage, Phone Power, ITP and more. Some of those providers still give consumers an opportunity to make a decision by trying the service for a brief period. Some trial periods last seven days, and other trial periods last up to 30 days. A trial period gives the consumer a risk-free period to measure the quality, feature potential, customer service, user interface and the like.

VoIP is an amazing service that helps the world in many ways. Its technologies will continue to grow and provide the people with additional opportunities in the future.