Great VoIP Programs: A Primer

Computer users are starting to take advantage of VoIP applications and programs because they are cheap, convenient and feature-filled. Some of the modern desktops and notebooks come with a VoIP application installed. Those who do not have a VoIP application can download one of these top programs:


Tango has an amazing five-star editor’s rating, but its users were not as generous. Tango is a VoIP program that provides video messaging, text messaging and phone calls to people who are signed up with Tango. Tango has an attractive user interface, and its calls are clear and crisp.


Skype has been one of the leading methods of communication for people who appreciate video chatting. Skype users can call other people, but they have to pay money for minutes to do such. The editors rated Skype with only 3.5 stars, but its users gave it four stars on sites like One of the things that Skype users appreciated the most was their ability to call out to mobile phones and regular phones from their computers.


X-lite is a program that many people enjoy because of its classic user interface. Its users interface resemble that of an old-school phone, and many consumers love that. It’s a freeware product that supports features such as instant messaging.


Globfone is not necessarily a VoIP plan per se, but it is an innovative new way for people to stay in touch with their friends and family members. It’s an on-site program that allows people to send SMS, video chat and make phone calls from the comfort of their computers.

Globfone allows file sharing, as well. If you can stand to wait a few minutes, the Globfone is just what you need. The best thing about Globfone is that it’s free, and you do not have to download anything.

Signing up for a VoIP Plan

Most VoIP plans do not require you to do much. The signup process can be completed in only a few minutes. Skype will give you the opportunity to video chat with people right way. You’ll have to produce some cash when it comes time to call someone’s phone, however. You’ll want to have a credit card on hand that you can use to put more minutes on your Skype account.

All the previously mentioned communication methods are amazing in their own way. Try them and see which one you can appreciate the most.