VoIP With These Great Business Services

As business life becomes more demanding and technological, business owners are starting to turn to VoIP services more often. VoIP services can save consumers and business owners as much as 80 percent off the cost of a regular phone bill. VoIP plans usually come with a ton of features, as well. The following are some of the top-rated VoIP companies on the market, and the reasons that they have such a rating:

Via Talk

Via Talk is a new VoIP provider that an iPhone user can download for free. The plan has more than 40 useful phone features. Some of the most common features are caller ID, call record, call hunt and enhanced voicemail. The plans start as low as $8.99 a month, and they come with features such as free international calls. Via Talk often offers a one-day sale during which a consumer can get a year of service for only $187, which ends up being about $7.87 a month.

Ring Central

Ring Central has a 9.7 rating on the consumer-ranking.com website. The Ring Central plans run for about $19.99 and up, and they offer a wealth of innovative features. Users can enjoy features such as faxing, texting and conference calling in HD. The conference calling feature is excellent for businesses that have sales personnel because they can discuss their strategies during the calls.

Phone Power

Phone Power has some interesting plans, one of them being a $24.95 a month world plus month-to-month calling plan. Another plan that Phone Power offers is an $8.33 monthly plan. Phone Power offers a slew of features such as call hold, call waiting, block list, speed dial, voicemail, failsafe, softphone and more. Residential and business customers can access more than 45 brilliant features by obtaining the Phone Power application. They can obtain virtual numbers as well as toll-free numbers for their customers.


Phone.com is a VoIP provider that offers a smorgasbord of enjoyable features. Users can enjoy features such as conferencing, menus, greetings, call forwarding, call blocking, call screening, click to call, voicemail-to-email and more. The best part about the program is that it offers a free 30-day trial and a low monthly price of $9.99.

A multitude of VoIP services are available for modern consumers and businesses. The previously mentioned plans are just a few that a consumer can choose. The possibilities are endless because new VoIP companies continue to emerge on a monthly basis.