Making the Switch: VoIP for Small Businesses

A small business owner has to find ways to save money to compete with today’s large corporations. Switching to VoIP services is one way to do such. Voice over Internet Protocol service is popular among businesses and personal users because of its affordability and convenience. Dozens of companies offer VoIP services for small business owners. The best aspect of VoIP for small businesses is that it usually comes with a ton of beneficial services. Small businesses can take advantage of services such as:

Conference Calling

Conference calling can aid a company in several areas because it gives people the opportunity to speak to each other from different areas. Many businesses use conference calling to connect salespersons and their managers. They may have weekly meetings to discuss goals and strategies. The feature provides an easy way for company representatives to stay in touch.

Text Messaging

Text messaging is quite helpful for small business owners because it allows them to get short messages across to business associates and employees. Text messaging usually comes with modern VoIP plans for small businesses.

HD Video Messaging

High-definition video messaging is a feature that is becoming increasingly popular in small businesses. It’s a step above conference calling, as it gives members the opportunity to speak with each other face-to-face in video. High-definition video messaging brings clarity and personality to the table for businesses.

Additional Features

Some of the top VoIP providers offer packages that have more than 40 features with them. Just a few of the features that the packages have are voicemail, unlimited calling, faxing, call screening and auto attendant. Auto attendant is an amazing feature of a small business because it can handle some of the calls that come in from customers

Top Business VoIP Providers
Dozens of companies offer VoIP services to businesses and personal users. Some of the top providers include Ring Central, Corvisa, Vonage, Jive and Mitel. An interested business owner should search for the best provider by using a comparison chart. Comparison charts display the most crucial elements such as pricing, features, setup fees and consumer reviews. Some of the top providers offer trials that last for up to 30 days. The prices range from $4.99 a month to as much as $20 a month.

Business leaders can enhance their productivity by looking into a business VoIP plan today. They can save hundreds of dollars a month by doing so.