Free VoIP Trial Offers

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP services, are sweeping the nation as one of the fastest growing telecommunications products. Consumers appreciate VoIP services because of their versatility, portability and low cost. Many VoIP providers offer free trials of their services so that consumers can decide if they want to switch. The following are three companies that an interested person can try:


Vbuzzer is a VoIP program that has a great deal to offer consumers who have high-speed Internet access and a phone. The Vbuzzer adapter comes with the package. The free trial offer provides customers with one full month of calling. After the month of calling, they can choose from one of the amazing plans that Vbuzzer has to offer. The Go America plan is $8.99 a month and includes 60 Vbuzzer minutes per month, and the Go Canada plan is $5.99 a month and includes 60 minutes of calling per month.

Ring Central

Ring Central is another popular voice provider that offers a free trial of its services. Ring Central offers a 30-day trial of one of its three plans. The Standard plan contains 1,000 toll-free minutes and additional features such as call log reports, inbound caller ID, U.S.-based customer support and more. The Premium plan offers 2,500 toll-free minutes and some additional features such as integration with sales text, HD Voice and automatic call recording. The Enterprise plan provides 10,000 minutes worth of voice calls and features such as voicemail to text and multi-level auto attendant.

Line 2

Line 2 offers the consumer a free business line or personal VoIP line for up to seven days. The consumer will have to choose from two plans when the free trial ends. The $9.95 plan is a monthly plan that includes unlimited inbound calling and up to 500 minutes of outbound calls to US and Canada phone numbers. The $14.95 plan is a monthly plan that includes unlimited calling and a wealth of additional features such as call forwarding, toll-free number, multiple lines and auto attendant. The $14.95 plan is the best plan for a business customer.

VoIP plans come with a wide variety of features that come with expensive telecommunications services. One of the best features of VoIP plans is that consumers can use them with a number of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, laptops and desktop units.