UK VoIP Provider Sets the Standard for Small Businesses

A small business in the UK needs to conduct business with a VoIP provider that is affordable, reliable and honesty. The business will want to see proof of the provider’s integrity. One way a business owner can recognize an honorable VoIP provider is its accolades. The Voipfone company has won quite a few awards over the years. 

About Voipfone

Voipfone is a company that was founded in 2004 to bring comfort and ease to UK residents. The company has a long list of VoIP services that can fit UK business owners with any size business.

Products and Services

Voipfone does not slack on its service offering. The company offers individuals and businesses just about every service or product that it can think of. The company offers PBX and switchboard services to people who will be communicating with customers frequently. The PBX and switchboard features include features such as call queueing, emergency service access, virtual switchboard, PBX call groups and the like. The company’s SMS services include services such as text messaging and SMS callback. Customers can use the SMS services on Android devices as well as iPhone units.

Awards and Accolades

One thing that the Voipfone has that other companies do not have is a bunch of accolades and awards. The company won an award for being the best VoIP provider in 2013. The ITSPA organization issued that award. Another amazing award that Voipfone won is the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Prestige. Not many business awards are that elaborate. The Queen’s Award establishes the company as having a high level of professionalism and integrity. Professionalism and integrity are two of the most important qualities that businesses need to have.

The company won the Best Internet Telephony Award in 2012. In 2009, Voipfone won the Best Business VoIP Provider Award. Voipfone received some substantial nominations for awards, as well. The company was nominated for the Beset Consumer VoIP Award in 2010. Furthermore, Voipfone was shortlisted into the list of entries at the National eWell-Being Awards.

Persons who are interested in securing VoIP services can complete an online form or call the main number Monday through Friday. A Friendly representative will return the contact and help the consumer to discover the best package for his or her needs. The person will go through the various packages and find something that fits the size of the business in question.

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