Spring 2015: Choosing a Good VoIP Provider

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol telecommunications products are becoming increasingly popular in all areas of the world. The VoIP services came into existence in the 80s, and it has since then been growing into one of the most widely used alternatives to traditional landline service. More than 100 VoIP providers exist. Therefore, finding the right provider requires careful consideration and study. The following are some tips that can help a consumer to find the best VoIP Provider to meet his or her needs:

Creating a Budget

The first objective that a consumer should review is the money saving objective. A good VoIP plan can help a consumer to obtain huge savings. The average landline service costs approximately $40 a month. Wireless service can cost anywhere from $50 a month to over $100 a month. Even DSL services are more expensive than VoIP services are. The consumer should think of a spending budget that can save the most money in the household. Committing to spending no more than $20 a month, for instance, is a good start. Some VoIP plans are as low as $6 a month.

Features and Benefits

Next, the consumer will want to decide which benefits will work best for him or her. Examples of some features that one will find in a VoIP plan are caller ID, call screening, call block, voicemail, call conference, call routing and more. The consumer should create a list of features that he or she would like to have before setting out on a journey to find the right provider. Creating a list beforehand will cut down qualification time.

Trial Offers

Trial offers are a great way to test the quality of VoIP services. Some providers offer trial periods of up to 30 days, while others give their customers seven days. A trial offer may involve submission of a credit card number.

Consumer Reviews

Finally, a prospective customer should read consumer reviews. Consumer reviews give people insight to other peoples’ experiences with call quality, pricing and customer service. A new customer should choose the company that has the most praise or the highest star rating because it will most likely have the most integrity. During a trial offer, a customer can choose to discontinue services and not advance to the paying stage. Examples of some of the top VoIP providers are RingCentral, Basic Talk, Vonage, Jive Phone Power and ITP.

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