Mobile Technology and Today’s Children

In this age of technology, children are starting to request technological devices as their birthday and holiday gifts. Tablets are extremely popular because of their portability and design. Some parents may be a bit concerned about purchasing such a device for a child. Some parents may object to buying a tablet because of negative aspects such as device addiction. However, purchasing a tablet for a child has many positives. The following are three reasons that tablets can be good for a child and parent:

Access to Schoolwork

Many modern schools require their students to access the Internet to complete homework tasks. Such schools expect the parents to provide their children with computers. Therefore, a parent can purchase a tablet to satisfy the school’s requirements. Children can use tablets to perform their daily schoolwork with an Internet connection.

Free Educational Materials

Another positive aspect of tablet ownership is the seemingly endless amount of educational materials that the child can access. The Google Play store has thousands of applications that revolve around intellectual enrichment. Within minutes, a parent can download a fun learning application that the child can use to enhance his or her reading or mathematical skills.

Savings for the Parent

A tablet can be used for multiple purposes. A child can use it as a computer, a reader, a music player and a movie player. Additionally, the child can use it for playing video games. The parent will end up saving hundreds of dollars by purchasing an all-in-one device such as a tablet.

Types of Tablets

Several types of tablets exist. Deciding which one is best for a child will take careful consideration. The decision will depend on the child’s age, needs and usage. For example, a parent may want to purchase a learning tablet such as the Leapfrog 2 for a child who is very young. Learning tablets have limitations on them, and they are strictly for educational purposes.

A full-blown tablet is a device for an older child or a child who will want to access a smorgasbord of third-party applications. Parents have choices of Android devices, Windows-based tablets or iPads. Android tablets are the least expensive tablets, and they are highly versatile. The iPad devices are smooth and stable. Windows tablets are good because they work like a small PC. Parents can decide which devices best suit their households. A multitude of choices is available.

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