Top Three VoIP Providers for Home Users

VoIP services are becoming more popular every day for today’s consumers and small businesses. They provide the masses with affordable and portable telephone services that often have a wealth of features attached to them. Today’s VoIP services are sharper and crisper than earlier services were, which makes them strong competitors for other telecommunication types.

A prospective VOIP home user will want to consider factors such as cost, features, call quality and consumer ratings to find the best provider for his or her needs. The following is a list of three of the top VoIP providers for review:

Phone Power

Phone Power is on the list of top providers because it offers the consumer one of the least expensive monthly options on the market. Consumers can receive VoIP services for as little as $5.99 per month. Phone Power has a four-star consumer rating consisting of the opinions of more than 100 consumers. New customers can pay for one year of service and receive a second year of free services. Some of the features that the company offers are block list, enhanced 911 services and 60 minutes of free international calling. Phone Power provides a second line of service and a free adapter, as well.


VOIPo has a monthly fee that is slightly higher than Phone Power’s fee. However, VOIPo offers free calling to Canada and the United States. Customers can receive more than 40 VoIP features in their packages with no additional charges, as well. Furthermore, the service provides 60 minutes of International calling. Consumers who are searching for a deal that offers the most features for the cheapest price may want to consider VOIPo as their provider. Consumers with VOIPo service will be able to send and receive text messages and complete calls. The company offers a trustworthy money back guarantee, as well.


Consumers have been quite pleased with ITP’s VoIP services. The company has a rating of four stars from nearly 100 consumers. The company offers flexible monthly plans as well as two free months of service to consumers who sign up for the website. ITP offers fun features such as voicemail to email, three-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding, call hunt, anonymous call rejection, advanced call forwarding and more. New users will receive a free adapter from the company.

The aforementioned companies are only a few of the large amount of VoIP providers that exist in the nation. Interested parties can find additional providers that may offer features that they need.

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