The Best Business VoIP Services

With the cost of business operations constantly rising, it is important for each company to have affordable business VoIP providers. Business VoIP providers do not just offer telephone services; they offer a wealth of efficient business services. The following are three top VoIP business providers and the characteristics that make them special:


Vonage is a well-established business VoIP company that has an affordable monthly price for its services. A new business could sign up for VoIP services for as little as $26.99 per month. The company would have access to features such as unlimited domestic calling, generous plan minutes and more. The Vonage company has high ratings from consumers because of the quality of its services.

Ring Central

Ring Central is a business VoIP provider that a business will go with if it is looking for the best discounts and the most features. First, Ring Central does not charge its customers a setup fee of any kind. Secondly, Ring Central does not charge cancellation fees to people who are unhappy with the services. Ring Central offers business plans as well as month-to-month plans with unlimited minutes. What sets their services apart from other services is the long list of features. Users can have access to features such as call transfer, call blocking, find me, speed dial, call return, fax support, enhanced 911 and more. Ring Central features can help a thriving company to grow by providing support for various tasks.


ITP is a reliable business VoIP company that has high ratings for its customer support. The company received an 88 percent score, which was the highest score for support quality for all providers except for TinCan Talk. ITP offers an extensive line of features and benefits. Installation is fairly easy, and new users have access to email assistance, a FAQ section and a knowledge base. Businesses can take advantage of popular VoIP features such as 411-directory assistance, speed dial, enhanced 911, call transfer and more. The down side of ITP is that its plans do not include FAX support. FAX support may be a necessity for a modern business.

The aforementioned business VoIP providers are only a few of the companies that can assist a budding business. Prospective business clients should read consumer reviews to gauge the overall reliability of several providers before choosing a specific company. Some companies offer risk-free trials of their services.

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