The Best VoIP Apps for Androids

Billions of cell phone users have Android-powered units as their main devices. VoIP programs can offer them a wide range of features such as discreet phone numbers, additional lines of service, and free voice and video calls. Free calls can save a subscriber a ton of money on his or her cell phone bill. The following are three popular VoIP applications for Android device users:


Line is an application that has been newly added to the Google Play store rotation. The application allows the user to communicate with friends that are in their list of contacts on the Line service. Users can conduct a wide variety of tasks up to and including voice calling, video messaging, picture messaging and text messaging. The application is free, and users can have conversations with other Line users for no additional charge. Premium calling is a feature for people who would like to keep in touch with non-Line users and people outside of the country. With access to over 52 different countries, Line is currently building rank as one of the top free calling and messaging applications on the market. Users have rated the application with 4.2 out of 5 stars for its reliability and its ease of use.

Rebtel: Free and Cheap Calls

Rebtel is an amazing application for users who still have plans with limited voice minutes. It works over a Wi-Fi connection, and users have given it high ratings for the quality of its services. Rebtel users can engage in free calls with other Rebtel users. When Wi-Fi is unavailable, then they can use Rebtel’s “Keep Talking” feature so that the application will switch over to the voice minutes that they have allotted in their cell phone plans. Calls are free to other Rebtel users, and international calls have minimal costs.


The fring application is perfect for users who prefer video chatting and instant messages. Users can enjoy countless hours of free phone calls in addition to group calls, group videos, instant messaging, text messaging and the like. Fring is an amazing application for business owners or managers who need to have meetings with employees that live in different jurisdictions. Fring is a unique application in that it uses Dynamic Video Technology (DVQ) to provide its users with enhanced video and audio during video chat sessions. The application is free to install, and an interested person can download it within seconds.

Any of the aforementioned VoIP programs can help frugal Android users to save money and keep up with friends and family members.

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