Beginning of the end: Is satellite television in danger of being eliminated?

The latest fad in the cable and television industry seems to the constant jockeying for position to prove that one entity is more dominant than the other. A lot of that includes talk of would be mergers or outright purchases to take one company and turn it into another.

But did anyone stop to wonder what would happen if a cell phone communications provider decided to throw their hat into the proverbial ring?

That very well might happen as AT&T has shown tremendous interest in broadening its profile by expanding beyond cellular communications and into the cable and television marketplace.

Simply put, AT&T wants to be more than just about phones. So why not tackle television?

That plan includes setting its sights on Direct TV and reportedly willing to pay a heft price tag to make this dream become reality (rumored to be in the 50 million dollar range).

So what does AT&T perhaps buying Direct TV mean?

Today’s marketing plan for the majority of technological companies like AT&T, Comcast and others is bundle services to make the consumer happy and the organizations doing it even happier by reaping profits hand over fist. What better way to continue to build its brand than AT&T being able to offer some sort of television related service to its customers?

AT&T is doing its part to spin the buyout as a win win for both itself and customers. The latter would be able to have yet another option from a television standpoint so price points would conceivably be lower for the masses. One has to wonder aloud, however, if that is all true considering mergers and buyouts often lead to more of an up charge for AT&T having pay out $50 million for all this to take place.

That said, AT&T getting into the television market might make them think twice about how they package together all that they do for customers. That’s the hope, anyway, as this deal is inching closer to getting done. AT&T has tried its hand at TV on its own with its often maligned U Verse, which has failed to do much in the way of both notoriety and success.

AT&T aims to change its luck and is going to do it the only way billion dollar companies know how: spend money.

If that sounds like the easy way out, then so be it. AT&T isn’t interested in how it gets to where it wants to be but that it ultimately won its inner struggle of trying to dominate all communications. Let’s just hope for the sake of the consumer that we’re also celebrating this occasion with the same vigor, excitement and optimism.

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