LIFE AND DEATH: How to give your dying cell phone battery a pick me up

We’ve all been in the unenviable position when our cell phone battery is clinging to life, that 2% bar starring us right in the face.

You try everything to preserve the life of it, from refusing to talk to anyone who calls or completely swearing off text messaging until you can race home or to the office to find a charger. And when you do, you’re probably huddled in a corner, near an outlet, taking calls and finally texting until your heart is content.

But does it really have to be that way?

The cell phone battery, or the lack of how long your phone stays charged, is truly a love and hate relationship between consumer and gadget. You love your cell phone and all it has done for you, including that time it alerted you about the snow storm en route or allowed you to breeze through that boring sales meeting while matching “Mad Men” on Netflix.

Yet, it’s hard to not get incredibly frustrated when the battery reaches zero before the end of your work day. The easy solution is to assume that the phone dying prematurely is the work of the company who makes the phone. One viable and proven knock on cell phones is that the smarter and more complex they get, the quicker the battery dies.

This “catch 22,” however, needs looked at a little closer to truly understand the relationship between advanced technology and the person using it. The battery only can do so much in the face of adversity, in this case the consumer, and it losing steam by lunch time probably has more to do with how you use the phone, rather than how it’s made.

If you are multitasking and using several apps at once but refuse to close them out when you’re finished, that could easily be the root of the problem. Most cell phones also don’t respond well to screen brightness that hits 100% for the entire day. If you are apt to check your battery distribution, you’ll be shocked to see that most of what’s draining your phone and your patience is having a screen brighter than the sun. Even knocking it down a few pegs could prove highly potent in fixing the issue.

Of course, the apps you are using probably aren’t helping either. If you’re doing a quick weather scan, playing a few games here and there or sporadically checking news and sports scores, you’ll be just fine.

Those who are catching up on television shows, or hitting the Fruit Ninja or Candy Crush circuit a little too hard won’t have to think too long to figure out why their phone is being sliced or crushed by those battery sucking game applications.

Your phone is meant to handle a sizable portion of data, gaming and fun, but keep in mind that few devices, unless you use it while it’s always plugged in, won’t ever be able to meet your criteria or high standards when it comes to battery life.

Tone down your torrid pace, and your phone will return the favor by staying strong for at least a few more hours.

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