Planning for VoIP for Your Business

Switching over to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system can save your company lots of money in the long run, but it’s not something you want to implement without some careful planning. If you’re wondering how long it takes, you should plan for several months.

Tips for Switching to VoIP

  1. Have a Time Buffer: Plan for it taking longer than you expect to be ready. Even if your business itself is ready, your internet provider may not be and could take a while securing the extra bandwidth.
  2. Build a VoIP Team: You need to have everyone trained before the system is implemented to prevent mass chaos. Have your team leaders in on planning meetings so they can effectively explain the process to the people they supervise when the time comes.
  3. Have the Right Equipment: The phones you have right now may not be compatible with operating over the internet via VoIP connection. Hopefully you have a dedicated IT person or department to help or you might consider hiring a consultant. You don’t want to switch over and not be able to make calls.
  4. Bandwidth: At this time, you’re going to have to take a careful look at your bandwidth. Making digital calls will take up extra space and may make the rest of your internet activities considerably slower. Perform a careful audit and consider upgrading your service.
  5. Emergency Services: With a VoIP system, it’s not going to know who to call in the event of an emergency. You may end up dialing 911 halfway across the country. Keep this mind or have at least one phone still tied to an analog line.
  6. Training: Most of your employees will not be familiar with this type of technology and might be reluctant to change their old ways. Prepare training guides or presentations with pictures and simple steps. You should also prepare an FAQ to reduce the number of calls going to your IT department. Keep in mind you may also have remote employees who need to setup this technology themselves.

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