Brix VoIP PreQual Chosen by Canadian Telecom

March 1, 2005

Brix NetworksBrix Networks today announced that Primus Telecom Canada has selected its service assurance products to measure and verify the quality of Primus Canada’s TalkBroadband Internet phone service.

TalkBroadband is Primus Canada‘s VoIP service available to both business and residential customers that allows subscribers to convert their high-speed Internet service into a local telephone connection, without requiring a service call.

Brix’ VoIP PreQual Application will help monitor and constantly improve Primus’ VoIP phone service.  It is built on top of the Brix System, and comprises a PreQual Console and the PreQual Agent, which respectively monitor and test and report on the quality of VoIP calls.

The Brix System, an integrated hardware and software VoIP management solution, provides total service testing across the three most important areas impacting users’ experience of quality: signaling quality (call setup performance), delivery quality (media path network performance), and call quality (overall voice clarity and call experience).

Primus is the largest alternative communications carrier in Canada, and one of that country’s leading ISPs.  In addition to testing the ISP networks, Primus is integrating Brix technology into its ordering process, to test and pre-qualify customers’ Internet connections for optimal use of Primus TalkBroadband.

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