Skype Pilots SMS Messaging to Wireless

February 28, 2005


Skype SA is running a beta test with UK SMS-to-Email provider Connectotel in which SMS messages can be sent to GSM mobile users by starting a Skype Chat with a user called ‘smsgateway.’

‘smsgateway’ is provided by Connectotel’s new Skype-to-SMS service, which started up three weeks ago in the reverse direction, i.e. SMS-to-Skype.

Following positive alpha tester response, the beta test is being opened up to the public, currently at no charge.  However testers/users have to become authorized by Connectotel first.

Skype is getting the jump on its VoIP competitors by delivering text messaging to mobiles, another communication avenue from the service provider that meets the user demands, according to insustry experts.

SMS already has proven itself as a moneymaker for wireless carriers, and VoIP providers see it as another source of revenue and differentiation. Businesses, in particular, value the concept of presence and the ability to contact workers quickly through messaging, these experts added.

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