Voxeo Launches Integrated Turnkey VOIP Platform

February 23, 2005

voxeoSIP based technology and VoiceCenter Fusion Server consolidates seven previously separate platforms into one.

Voxeo Corporation announced its new VoiceCenter Fusion Server that combines VoiceXML IVR, CCXML call control, conferencing, call recording, speech recognition, speech synthesis, and a SIP VoIP gateway, all in a single rack-mount server.

Conformance to the SIP standard ensures interoperability and rapid integration with both existing and new PSTN, PBX, and VOIP deployments. Included technology comes from Voxeo, Nuance, ScanSoft, Paraxip, and Intel/Dialogic.

Feature details include:

VoiceXML IVR – enables enterprises to create and deploy web-integrated telephony applications

Call Control XML (CCXML) – delivers capabilities to intelligently screen, transfer, and initiate traditional and SIP telephony calls

Speech Recognition and Synthesis – allows callers to speak commands to the Fusion platform, and hear responses from it

Call conferencing – lets up to 48 callers meet in conference and create custom conferencing applications

Call recording – provides call logging / recording capabilities on all or a portion of all calls

PSTN-to-SIP VOIP Gateway – connects the Fusion Server’s SIP-based features – and external SIP-based telephones or platforms – to any PBX, call center, local phone company, or long distance carrier.

The new product includes four models with varying telephone port types and densities:

• VoiceCenter IVR Fusion Server 4 – 4 analog ports starting at $4,495

• VoiceCenter IVR Fusion Server 12 – 12 analog ports starting at $9,995

• VoiceCenter IVR Fusion Server 24 – 24 digital T1/PRI ports starting at $16,995

• VoiceCenter IVR Fusion Server 48 – 48 digital T1/PRI ports starting at $26,995

Voxeo’s VoiceCenter Fusion Servers complement Voxeo’s existing VoiceCenter IVR Software and VoiceCenter IVR hosting solutions, and are available immediately.


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