XConnect Interconnects VoIP Networks Without the PSTN

February 22, 2005


xconnectThe XConnect Alliance offers multilateral settlement-free interconnection between VoIP networks.

The XConnect Global Alliance announced the launch of its service to interconnect disparate VoIP networks without going through gateways to the PSTN and incurring settlement charges.

Founding members include European IP telephony providers Gossiptel (UK), Telio (Scandinavia), and VozTelecom (Spain). It is XConnect’s intention to have enterprises as well as next-generation voice operators also join.

IP telephony providers who join the Alliance also avoid the need to negotiate multiple bilateral technical and commercial agreements whose numbers grow exponentially with the number of interconnections.

XConnect provides privacy and security for commercially sensitive member data, and include these key interconnection features:

– directory number resource

– interoperability management

– commercial relationships (settlement or settlement-free)

– VoIP security systems, and

– identity services.

XConnect uses interconnection technology, from Kayote Networks, which provides all members with single points of connection to the network and the most direct route to as many IP endpoints and IP communications services as possible.

Founding members have been trialling the service since 2004. Globally, XConnect already provides access to hundreds of thousands of end users and it will be extending its reach to US ITSPs in February 2005.

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