Alcatel and Intel to Partner on WiMAX

February 16, 2005


intelAlcatel’s infrastructure and Intel’s client chipsets will be interoperable.

Intel Corporation and Alcatel SA announced that they have expanded their strategic alliance on WiMAX, entering into a new joint development agreement.

Under the agreement, the companies will share engineering and customer lab resources to develop, integrate and ensure interoperability between Alcatel’s WiMAX network infrastructure and Intel’s next-generation WiMAX client silicon meant for wireless devices.

The companies will also actively cooperate to influence and accelerate the standardization, development, implementation and promotion of the IEEE 802.16e WiMAX standard.

The alliance is meant to correct the the broadband wireless industry’s past dependence on incompatible solutions from multiple vendors, and the lack of sponsorship from leading silicon and infrastructure suppliers.

WiMAX is an emerging set of broadband connectivity standards for wireless networks. WiMAX based on the 802.16e standard will support nomadic usages – similar to how users connect via a single Wi-Fi hot spot today – as well as full mobility, which allows users to remain connected while travelling between WiMAX “hot zones” like when using a cell phone.

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