Nokia: New SIP App Server for Fixed-Mobile Convergence

February 11, 2005


nokiaA SIP application server will converge legacy voice and SIP-driven VoIP.

Nokia Corporation announced the launch next week of its Telecommunications Application Server (TAS) which will allow mobile operators to deliver standard mobile telephony services to customers independent of fixed VoIP or mobile cellular access.

These features would include Caller ID and SMS, as well as Intelligent Network features such as Prepaid. A part of the Nokia IMS solution portfolio, the Nokia TAS is built upon the 3GPP Rel 4 compliant Nokia MSC Server system.

Its functionality can be added to any existing Nokia MSC Server with a software upgrade, providing a cost-efficient implementation of VoIP that meets carrier-grade requirements.

Nokia also announced the second quarter release of its Presence Solution 2.0, adding SIP support which allows operators to apply Presence to SIP-based applications, such as its Push-to-talk-overCellular (PoC). Then PoC users will be able to detect the presence of another mobile before initiating the PoC call.

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