M5T Releases SAFE SIP Proxy Stack and RTP for Enhanced IP Security

February 8, 2005


m5tM5T has developed a complete suite of secure software solutions for multimedia over wired and wireless IP networks.

M5T, a spinoff from Mediatrix Telecom, has released its SAFE SIP Proxy stack version 4.0 as well as its SAFE SRTP (Secure Real-Time Protocol) stack, for enhanced security in IP networks.

The new version 4.0 of M5T SAFE SIP Proxy supports a set of modular services used for building SIP devices, servers and applications, and further strengthens the M5T security line that includes M5T SAFE SIP UA (including back-to-back features), M5T SAFE RTP, and M5T SAFE STUN.

The new product, M5T SAFE SRTP stack, is based on RFC3711 and provides secure transport of multimedia packets, and also addresses media encryption for devices. It can be used with M5T SAFE RTP or integrated with any RTP stack implementation. It uses AES encryption as well as message authentication and integrity checks.

M5T is a wholly owned entity of Media5 Corporation, which also owns Mediatrix Telecom from which M5T was spun off with several IP Telephony pioneers among its senior engineers.

It develops middleware components based on a common SIP framework layer, which forms the foundation for developing secure modular IP communications solutions.

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