HomePlug Broadband-Over-Powerline Specification Taking Shape

February 4, 2005


homeplugStudy by ISPs, utilities, and semiconductor and consumer electronics retailers and manufacturers zeroes in on HomePlug AV components to underly the BPL spec.

The HomePlug Powerline Alliance announced the selection of the so-called MAC and PHY technologies of HomePlug AV to become the baseline technology for its long-awaited BPL specification.

HomePlug AV is a 200 Mbps powerline networking technology designed specifically to meet the needs of digital multimedia networks in the home. It was developed through competitive testing of powerline technologies submitted by companies from around the world.

After lab tests and field trials, HomePlug combined the best technologies, from Arkados, Conexant Systems, Intellon Corp, and Sharp, into the HomePlug AV specification, which is being finalized for expected release this quarter.

By selecting the MAC and PHY components of HomePlug AV for HomePlug BPL, there are many technical advantages from which the Alliance expects to speed finalization of the HomePlug BPL standard.

Having a single MAC and PHY technology for both to-the-home and in-home powerline applications also provides the ease-of-use and interoperability that are essential for HomePlug BPL to make any inroads into the provision of broadband to consumers and business.

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