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Global IP Sound Releases NetEQ Version 3.0

January 10, 2005


The new release of this embedded software dramatically cuts complexity while further enhancing sound quality, and can be optimized for any platform.

Global IP Sound‘s NetEQ 3.0 is a jitter buffer and packet loss concealment module for developers of VoIP chips, gateways, phones and applications, that enhances voice quality even in the face of a poor poor network infrastructure.

The new Version 3.0 reduces the complexity of the module by 25 to 50 percent, depending on the development platform and codecs that are used.

Designed for use anywhere in the network architecture that voice processing occurs, NetEQ reduces jitter buffer delay by 30 to more than 100 ms over the most effective alternative solutions, according to the company.

It encapsulates the extensive knowledge garnered from a broad range of customer integrations, and is optimizable for any platform. The new version, available in either a narrowband or wideband system implementation, ensures that all developers will be able to rapidly integrate it.

i2Telecom Initiates Private-Label VoIP Push

January 7, 2005


i2Telecom launches its Virtual VoIP Network Operator program in an agreement with Clari-net International to resell i2’s VoIP service, augmented by Clari-net’s own local and long distance carrier agreements.

i2Telecom International, Inc (OTCBB:ITUI) announced a global business development partnership with Clari-net International as part of its program to accelerate and extend the penetration of i2’s VoIP service worldwide, and enhance the sale of its platform products.

Clari-net will resell i2Telecom’s InternetTalker MG-3 VoIP microgateways across Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom and elsewhere. As part of the agreement, Clari-net has placed an initial order for 1,000 microgateways. Clari-net will develop its own custom products and rate plans.

By standardizing on i2Telecom’s InternetTalker MG-3 VoIP microgateway and back office systems, Clari-net and other VVNO plan partners will leverage their existing base of international wholesale partners to build share as the VoIP service market develops in their service territories.

Clari-net currently operates in nine countries on three continents, and plans to launch a mass market VoIP service in Australia by the end of Q1 2005 to complement its existing VoIP services in Italy, Hungary, Peru and Costa Rica.

i2Telecom’s proprietary technology platform is built to SIP, and its revenue includes prepayments from sales of InternetTalker integrated access devices, recurring monthly subscriptions, call minute termination fees, and original equipment manufacturer royalties.

pulver.Communicator Released to OEMs, Interoperates with Skype

January 6, 2005


The new Instant Messaging / Voice over IP / Two-Way-Video-Calling-over-IP / Presence / Contact-Sharing software product from FWD Communications has been released to OEMs for incorporation into PCs, PDAs, cellphones, and any other IP-enabled device to add an order of magnitude of additional communications capacity.

FWD Communications today announced the general availability of Beta Version 0.94.3 of its pulver.Communicator IP Communications client application to OEM makers of IP-enabled devices, including PCs, PDAs, and cellphones, for incorporation into their product designs.

The pulver.Communicator combines, and leverages the advantages of, the best features of all current leading edge IP communications technologies — Instant Messaging, VoIP, IP-voice conferencing, video calling, presence, and contact-sharing — all in one Windows XP / 2000 PC client application.

Among its most useful features is the ability to integrate and communicate, one-on-one or multi-party, across the provider boundaries of the four major non-interoperable instant messaging (IM) networks, AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, and ICQ — and also to share contact lists from all four services to whatever extent desired.

VoIP connectivity is provided through the worldwide Free World Dialup/FWD Communications network, extended by its over 80 peering agreements with other VoIP providers worldwide. An important addition was made this week by the finalization of a peering arrangement with Skype.

In keeping with its leading edge mission, the pulver.Communicator uses SIP to establish connect-via-hyperlink individual or on-the-fly-conference calls with SIP-enabled contacts. These calls simultaneously support both voice and Instant Messaging. Non-SIP enabled contacts can be sent a Call-Me Link that enables an immediate VoIP call-back to the sender via FWD Communication’s FWDTalk service.

Two-way webcam video calling is also a standard feature enhanced by the pulver.Communicator’s ease of use. Like all pulver.Communicator services, it also draws on the built-in social networking capacity of being able to share contact or buddy lists at will, completely or to whatever extent desired, right from within the software.

Since its official launch in October, 2004, pulver.Communicator has been downloaded more than 50,000 times around the world.

Broadcom Automates Security Setup for WiFi Networks

January 6, 2005


A new Broadcom chipset allows an entire WiFi network to be fully configured for WPA security in a single step not requiring PC access or control.

Broadcom, Inc aanounced today the immediate availability of a developer’s kit for the SecureEasySetup embedded software running on its new 54g chipsets that automatically establishes a WiFi network’s WPA passphrase keys while it configures the network and installs those keys on each new device added to the network.

This is all accomplished at the touch of a single button without the need for the expert user involvement currently required for secure WiFi network configuration. Because of the intricacies of the current process, as many as 75% of all WiFi networks installed are estimated to lack any security configuration at all.

Also, this automated PC-free installation dramatically accelerates the secure installation of non-PC-based IP devices such as consumer electronics without screens or keypads (e.g. printers and digital cameras), VoIP phones, and digital video equipment.

First to market implementations of Broadcom’s technology will come from Linksys wireless LAN products in Q1 2005 and selected HP notebook and desktop PCs and future networked printers.

Products configured with SecureEasySetup are fully interoperable with any recent WiFi CERTIFIED products, regardless of whether they feature SecureEasySetup, opening the possibility that the new technology will be integrated into peripheral devices and consumer electronics as a new standard.

AT&T and TI Team Up to Accelerate VoIP Teminal Adapter and Gateway Development

January 6, 2005


attNew Texas Instruments silicon and software will be compatible with AT&T’s CallVantage service, via AT&T’s certification lab testing.

AT&T (NYSE:T) is partnering with Texas Instruments (NYSE:TXN) to help VoIP equipment designers and manufacturers develop new platforms compatible with AT&T’s CallVantage Service over its global IP network.

Texas Instruments will deliver AT&T-compatible reference designs for voice gateways and terminal adapters, thus speeding to market OEM products for the CallVantage Service all over the world.

One of the first TI-based VoIP products that will be available through AT&T’s CallVantage Service is VTech Communications’ VoIP 6322 2.4GHz DSS Dual Line Corded/Cordless Broadband Telephone System, which can be used with both traditional and broadband phone services, and is expandable up to eight cordless handsets.

DialPad Escaltes VoIP Price War with $11.99 per month Service

January 6, 2005


dialpadService comes with dpPhone device that includes router and combines PSTN and IP services.

DialPad Communications continues its aggressive VoIP service drive with the introduction of its new DialPadUSA unlimited calling service for US $11.99 per month. The service comes with the dpPhone, a broadband adapter which combines VoIP with traditional PSTN service in one phone.

DialPad found an opportunity with the steady rise of broadband users with DSL service — which forces users to keep at least one PSTN line. So DialPad’s dpPhone relies on that line for E911 service, and for the ability to make calls during a power outage, while using the dual line capability to direct all other calls over the unlimited VoIP service.

The service and its device require no onsite technical support for installation and set-up, and customers can still receive calls through every telephone jack in the home. It can also be used remotely through Dialpad’s softphone, which is accessible for free from any PC in the US, and can be used on virtually any Internet connection — including dial-up.

By combining PSTN and VoIP services, rather than wholly replacing the PSTN service, DialPad attempts to solve the three most vexing problems of VoIP: E911, dialing during poer outages, and receiving inbound calls at every phone jack in the house.

As a bonus, the dpPhone includes a router, to avoid the need to buy that device as well when setting up a home IP network.

Packet8 Adapts Its Virtual Office Business Phone for SMB Market

January 6, 2005


packet8The new Small-to-Medium-Business-oriented version of Packet8’s Virtual Office offers a three-line IP-PBX with full functionality for under $200 initial cost, plus $120 per month service with unlimited calling to the US and Canada.

Packet8‘s specially packaged retail version of its Virtual Office business phone system is designed to meet the needs of traditional storefront merchants as a replacement for a traditional PBX or Centrex service.

The Virtual Office retail package consists of a broadband phone adapter and hands-free business telephone for $99.95. A minimum of three Virtual Office extensions is required. Monthly Packet8 service for Virtual Office costs $39.95 per extension, and includes extensive PBX functions along with unlimited local and long distance business calling in the US and Canada.

PBX functionality includes customizable auto-attendant with dial by extension, name or by group; DID (Direct Inward Dial) phone number with any desired area code for each extension; conference bridge, music-on-hold, call park/pick-up, and hunt groups; voicemail including voicemail-to-email alerts; extension-to-extension dialing anywhere in the world; and one-touch controls for three-way calling, forwarding, do-not-disturb, voicemail, distinctive ringing, call waiting, caller-ID, and call transfer.

Optional extra services include receptionist console, virtual phone numbers for any extension, and toll-free phone numbers and service. Virtual Office users anywhere can group multiple Packet8 VoIP lines into a virtual business telephone system, providing geographic independence to even small and medium businesses.

Belkin Joins VoIP Movement with Residential and Business Services

January 5, 2005


Belkin’s new callEverywhere broadband phone service features one inbox for voice mail, email, and fax, using its proprietary VoIP phone adapter.

Belkin Corporation has entered the market for broadband phone service with packages for business and residential customers built around a new VoIP phone adapter called Message Manager, featuring QoS (Quality of Service).

callEverywhere’s VoIP and message management features were co-developed in a strategic partnership with iNuntius, Inc, and provides access to all user messages, voice, e-mail, and fax, from any web-connected computer.

Other features include: No activation fee, no cancellation fee, and no contract; 30-day risk-free trial period; text-to-voice and voice-activated dialing; free downloadable SoftPhone for calling with just a broadband connection, PC microphone and speaker; free callEverywhere-to-callEverywhere connections; call waiting, caller ID, 3-way calling, call forwarding; and a toll-free phone number and PC fax service for business customers.

Belkin is well-known for its connectivity solutions for the computer, electronics, and mobile consumer markets.

3Com adds iVoice Speech Recognition to its NBX VoIP Products

January 4, 2005


3comThe iVoice speech engine is entirely software based, and brings speech-enabled auto attendant functionality to 3Com’s IP telephony products without additional hardware.

3Com Corporation today announced the incorporation of speech-enabling technology from iVoice, Inc into its NBX IP-PBX platform, entirely without additional hardware.

The iVoice, Inc (OTCBB:IVOC) speech-enabled auto attendant product is fully TAPI-based, eliminating the need for additional proprietary server hardware to deploy a speech interface.

The ease of use and hands-free input of speech-enabled auto attendants is designed to yield higher call completion rates, speeding up call handling and flattening IVR menus for shorter hold times.

iVoice was able to reach this integration with 3Com through 3Com’s Voice Solution Providers Program of independent interoperability testing and certification.

VTech to Release Cordless Skype VoIP Phone

January 4, 2005


The usb7100 VTech Skype cordless phone extends Skype’s free VoIP calling over the Internet from the PC to 2.4GHz cordless handsets throughout the premises.

VTech Communications, Inc today introduced the usb7100 VTech Skype cordless phone that extends Skype’s Internet telephony to the cordless realm. It also extends presence status to the handset display on the cordless phone.

The 2.4 GHz cordless usb7100 phone is expandable up to four handsets, providing high quality Internet calling from anywhere on the premises in range of the VTech base station, which connects to the PC via its USB port.

There is also a connection for a standard land line, providing multiple line access from the handset, and all the standard features of cordless phone technology, including caller ID, call waiting, intercom, and conference calling remain in effect.

Users also have access to presence information on the cordless handset display, showing which contacts are online, as well as being able to set their own presence status, including online, away, or do not disturb.

In addition to Skype’s free peer-to-peer communication, its encryption is extended to the usb7100 VTech Skype, guaranteeing secure communications.

VTech Communications, Inc, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VTech Holdings Ltd (SEHK:303) (LSE:VTH) (ADR:VTKHY), based in Hong Kong, one of the largest suppliers of corded and cordless phones in North America. It is a pioneer of China-based manufacturing facilities, from which it gains substantial cost leverage.